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Why Small Businesses Matter shines a light on local business owners who volunteer their time, talent, goods and services for the benefit of our community. The local shop movement is spreading virally as local businesses that are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their story!

You are IT Spinpin Creative!

Three questions for Debra Spindler Pinals, founder of Spinpin Creative.

Why did you start your business?

I started Spinpin Creative (Interior Styling & Color Consulting), because I believe everyone deserves to have a home that makes them smile when they walk through the door. My company provides homeowners with professional design and styling advice that saves them time, stress and costly mistakes.

My passion is to help my clients choose timeless fixtures, create visual harmony, and display their unique personal styles through color and decor. They can execute the plans provided as their resources allow and according to their schedule.

What is your best-selling product/service?

My superpower is color and using it to transform a space. So, of course, our best-selling service is our color consulting service. Did you know that every decision you make for your home is a color decision? I help my clients make the right color choices by determining neutral shades and ensuring the materials, finishes and colors chosen will work together to create a cohesive palette.

It’s a highly collaborative process where we make intentional and effective color decisions that update her space and add value to her property. Learn more about spinpin creative’s services HERE.

Have you “reinvented” your small business?

With Spinpin Creative Interior Styling & Color Consulting, I completely redesigned my business while remaining true to my expertise as a visual problem solver. At a crossroads in my decades-long career as a graphic designer/art director, I took the plunge and merged my passion for color and interiors with my creative journey.

To start, I studied around the clock to become both a certified color consultant and an interior designer while immersing myself in all the learning opportunities available. I then began offering interior design and color consulting services and am so grateful for every opportunity to guide my clients as they update their surroundings and create their place of happiness.

Debra would like to nominate Westport photographer Tom Kretsch to be featured next – “His modern nature photography is a fantastic way to add bursts of color, texture and depth to any space!”

Visit Spinpin Creative online here and be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages too!

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