Netflix’s upcoming series “How to Build a Sex Room” doesn’t keep viewers guessing about its subject matter. Everything is in the title !

Over the years we’ve seen more and more homeowners build dedicated ‘intimacy rooms’ – like sex rooms or BDSM basements – inside their homes, but this is the first time this trend is presented in the form of a renovation reality show.

So we jumped at the chance to sit down with a luxury interior designer and series host Melanie Rose, aka the “Mary Poppins” of sex rooms, to learn more about her racy new show and the work she does. It turns out there’s more to his work than incorporating whips and chains into home decor.

Melanie Rose, host of Netflix’s ‘How to Build a Sex Room’


Let’s cut to the chase: what exactly is the type of home renovation you specialize in for homeowners?

As an interior designer for homeowners, I actually design sex rooms.

How did it become your specialty?

I didn’t start designing sex rooms. I was an average interior designer for about fifteen years. You know, kitchens, bathrooms, everything that needed updating.

And then I was approached by a client of mine – who I had worked with for four or five years – who actually asked me if I had ever designed a sex room before. And I was like, no! I hadn’t thought of a sex room. Are you kidding me?!

So before committing, I did some research on Google. And he couldn’t find anyone who was actually a designated sex room designer.

And so what I did was I just looked at these types of pieces in general. And they were all dungeons and dirty. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ That’s why people can’t get that image out of their minds.

The concept is very off-putting to some people.

Yes it’s possible. People say, “Oh, it has to do with kink, it has to do with BDSM, it’s so dirty, it’s disgusting. And I’m like, ‘No, it doesn’t have to be dirty. It can be really beautiful. It can be luxurious. It can be high end. That’s how I fell into it.

And then from there, I found more and more clients through word of mouth.

You have lots of candid conversations with your clients about their sex lives. Have you always had a gift for these intimate conversations?

It came naturally. You know, ‘subtle’ isn’t in my vocabulary and, really, ‘no’ either. I love working with people, and when they can be open, it’s easier to help them and demystify sex discussions and sex rooms.

how to build a sex room
A sex room designed by Melanie Rose in Episode 3 of “How to Build a Sex Room”.


If someone wants to design a sex room or intimacy space in their home, what is one of the first things you would say to them?

First of all, don’t go there and start changing wallpapers, paint and all. Plan it. Yes, the sole purpose of the play is sex, but it can also be a fantasy play. What kind of fantasy do you want to express in there? What do you want to feel and experience when you enter this room? What turns you on, right? And then go from there.

Lighting is one of the keys. It creates atmosphere and ambiance. It’s nice to have dimmers and those lights that do the color spectrum.

On the show, you work with your general contractor, Mike. What did he think when Netflix approached him to do this type of construction?

He was up for it! It’s not the usual construction, you know, not like building a kitchen or a bathroom. So there are a lot of different and interesting elements that go into this piece. And there are construction challenges. For example, don’t try to put a love swing on the ceiling without putting it in a ceiling joist. It will never work.

What are the most requested things in the sex rooms you design?

Sex swings. So boring. I have to work to find a really nice sex swing that I can customize for a client. I love when people bring me fantasies and experiences that challenge me. I always like a challenge.

“How to Build a Sex Room” premieres Friday on Netflix.