Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (MTV at 8) The gang travels to El Paso to support Pauly and for a weekend of fun, line dancing and tacos, but tensions rise between Angelina and the girls.

When sharks attack (National Geographic at age 8) The Bahamas is rocked by three shark attacks in the space of 39 days.

This old house (PBS to 8) A house is improved by installing new water and sewer lines, adding sprinklers, and sealing skylights in the doghouse.

Only (History Channel at 9) Participants’ resilience and strength are tested and they must look to the past for answers; one survivalist takes a treacherous fall and another suffers mounting pain.

The old man (FX 10) Chase and Zoe enter the lion’s den; Harper acquires a new partnership when another dissolves.

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (Netflix) Everyone’s favorite panda Po, voiced by Jack Black, returns to team up with an Enligh Knight on a perilous quest to save magical weapons, restore reputations, and save the world (again).

resident Evil (Netflix) Nearly a decade and a half after a deadly virus sparked an apocalypse, Jade Wesker struggles to survive her nightmarish new reality while grappling with her past.

Sharks that eat everything (National Geographic at 10) This special explores the eating habits of the “trash of the sea.”

Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons (Hulu) Victoria’s Secret was a neon-pink mall staple for decades, but the legendary brand is being discovered to be intertwined with the underworld of fashion, the billionaire class and Jeffrey Epstein.

Greed: A Tale of Seven Deadly Sins (Lifetime Movie Network at 8) An interior designer lets her sins consume her after she meets a handsome contractor and desperately wants to be a part of his wealthy world.

Top of the line (BBC America at 10) Season 32.

Boy’s Island (HBO Max) Season 2.

Jimmy Kimmel live (ABC at 11:35 a.m.) Demi Lovato, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, guest host Mark Rober

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