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This Weekly Trademark Office data has been compiled from dynamic data published by the Trademark Office and updated through August 25, 2021. These statistics are brought to you by the Trademarks and Copyright team of BananaIP Counsels , India’s leading intellectual property firm.

Indian Trademark Statistics

A 5.08 percent decrease in the total number of trademark applications examined by the Trademark Office this week. A total of 4994 applications were examined. These statistics were compiled from the official journal of the Trademark Office published weekly on Monday.

The Trademark Office continues to move forward

The Trademark Registry has shown a continued decline in its work capacity over the past week. There was an eight point two percent (8.2%) decrease in the total number of claims resolved through show cause hearings. There was also a sixty-four point zero nine percent (64.09%) increase in the total number of notices of hearing issued. However, five thousand nine hundred and forty-nine (5,949) requests were posted in the previous week, which represents a fifteen point zero nine (15.09%) increase in posts since last week.

Weekly Statistics from the Indian Trademark Office

Details Last week This week Percent change
Total trademark applications examined by the trademark office 5261 4994 A decrease of 5.08%
Total number of claims resolved through show cause hearings 2376 2181 A decrease of 8.2%
Total number of applications published in the Trademark Journal 7006 5949 A decrease of 15.09%
Total registrations granted 2624 2601 A decrease of 1%
Total number of notices of hearing issued 2991 4908 An increase of 64.09%
Total number of renewal notices issued 2458 1977 A decrease of 19.57%

Statistics by Trademark Office

Sr. No Jurisdiction New applications Examined Posted Registered
1. AHMEDABAD 1497 839 1329 403
2. CHENNAI 1944 972 1027 407
3. DELHI 3381 1637 2000 1125
4. KOLKATA 672 376 360 182
5. MUMBAI 2180 1170 1233 484
Total 9674 4994 5949 2601

Trademark Office statistics compiled up to August 25, 2021

Details Number of applications
Total number of trademark applications 289949
Total number of trademark applications examined 146194
Total number of trademark applications published 105977
Total number of registered trademark applications 233907

Data compiled by Lavanya Anand, Varun Gopala Krishnan and Rohan Joshua Jacob of the Trademarks, Copyright and Intellectual Property Transaction Strategy Division, BananaIP Counsels.

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This weekly newsletter of brand statistics is brought to you by the Trademarks, Copyright and IP Transaction Strategy divisions of BananaIP Counsels, one of the top intellectual property companies in India. Led by Sanjeeth Hegde, BananaIP Counsels Trademark Counsel are among the leading experts in the field. If you have any questions or need clarification, please write to [email protected] with the subject: Weekly Brand Statistics.

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