So you have a new space, whether commercial or residential, it’s a blank canvas, and you have to add a touch of beauty, class, elegance to convert this space into something that looks like you, warm and welcoming to your family, friends, staff and customers. Well, it looks like you need the help of an interior designer.

What if you had more than just an expert? With Toni Crockett Design, you have a team of world-class experts working to make your dream home closer to reality.

Ten years ago, a team of husband and wife, Toni and Rishi SuratSingh, decided to pursue their passion by entering the world of interior design. A decade later, they have grown into a multi-award winning and internationally recognized interior design company.

Ten years of dedicated service in the First World

“Over the past decade, we’ve worked on projects large and small, from commercial to residential, from dental clinics to custom homes. We have worked on homes from 20,000 square feet to 3,000 square feet because our goal has always been to be diverse, ”explained Surat Singh.

Over the years, Toni Crockett Design has been featured in local newspapers and featured in local and international magazines. “Two of our proudest professional moments came in 2020 when we won two international design awards,” explained SuratSingh. These accolades and years of in-depth experience show that Toni Crockett Design is a true industry veteran with a team that takes pride in serving its clients.

Develop to better serve you

In 2011, the SuratSinghs were a husband and wife team; However, due to the excellent service they have provided over the years, their client base has grown and as such it is no longer a two person team. “We are what we call the TCD family because in addition to myself and my husband, we have a team of two designers, equally dedicated and super talented. We are grateful to have a team that works towards a single goal, an interior that is truly the signature of each of our customers, ”beamed SuratSingh.

World’s leading service

Toni Crockett Design Ltd. has one goal, and that is to work with gratitude every day to make their clients’ dream projects become their real projects, whether residential or commercial. Even with shipping delays and remote working, the team will get there without compromising on quality, productivity and efficiency.

This design company offers several different specialties and is best known for its custom house constructions and renovations. On top of the others it also offers its own line of kitchen cabinetry and flooring. You can also get help in other areas:

  • TCD Full Service Design offers a complete interior design
  • TCD Studio, a tailor-made decoration and styling service
  • TCD E-Design, which is mainly offered to regional and international customers

To go beyond

The company recently added two new divisions, TCD Home, which offers bespoke and semi-personalized product solutions for your home. The second is TCD Design Build, a collaborative service that combines experienced expertise in architecture, interior design, interior design and general contractor services.

You need a space that makes you smile, makes you feel comfortable, and makes you proud. You can visit Toni Crockett Design Ltd. at to help make your space truly yours.

Telephone: 868.384.9483 or 868.384.9477.

Email: [email protected]

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