New Ford Mustang Mach-E isn’t just an iconic muscle vehicle with headline-grabbing features. It is a vehicle that has been designed for drivers looking for thrills, high quality materials and a look to the future. Every detail of the all-electric SUV has been carefully thought out and designed – and it shows.

G / O Media Studios spoke with the dynamic team of designers and engineers who have worked tirelessly to bring the Mustang Mach-E to life. They explained what makes the vehicle state-of-the-art and why it excels as an SUV. They also showed us that it is commendable as an all-electric vehicle on its own – a vehicle with more soul and character than you might imagine.

Distilling the gasoline of the Mustang in an all-electric vehicle was not easy. “A lot of electric vehicles look like science projects,” said Chris Walter, Ford’s exterior design manager. Walter and his colleagues worked to maintain the integrity of the Mustang while reimagining it as an efficient all-electric vehicle. “We wanted it to be smooth, to feel light and to have that flow,” Walter explained.

To achieve the perfect balance, Walter and his teammates refined the proportions. A longer wheelbase and distance between the dashboard and the axle not only evoked the classic Mustang design with rear-wheel drive, but also allowed for a denser battery and more leeway for a revolutionary interior. The front of the vehicle, meanwhile, was designed with an implied grille, merging a classic Mustang front with a slick all-electric vehicle face. A sleek backdrop frames the classic pony logo, which has been subtly altered and underlined to convey an air of electricity (the upcoming Mustang Mach-E GT will feature an illuminated pony – another stylish nod to the new companion). all-electric stable of the Mustang.).

The design choices were not purely visual, but added to the efficiency of the vehicle. “That slick front and those outside lower corners, they really helped the aero,” Walter said.

The result is an all-electric vehicle that is sober and aesthetic. “It’s just beautiful and sculpted. There are a lot of solid volumes,” said interior designer Josh Greiner. “All other EVs seem to have been decided on aero.” The Mustang Mach-E , said Greiner, is more thoughtful. “Looks like you designed it to be good looking and it just happens to be aerodynamic,” he told Walter.

As with the exterior, the vehicle’s interior designers sought to weave classic Mustang DNA into a forward-looking ride. “We have had hundreds of discussions on how to keep [the vehicle’s] lineage without making it retro, ”said Greiner. The team opted for subtle changes, keeping only the most iconic lines inside, such as the Mustang’s iconic double front and waterfall line.

In keeping with the vehicle’s all-electric upgrade, the elements have been designed to have a futuristic look. Round vents have been removed in favor of vents that appear to be hidden – a choice that allowed designers to pull the soundbar out and give it a floating quality. Conventional door handles have also been lost. “When you open [the door], you have this little item that you just pushed. It’s electric and so different from what you’re used to, ”said interior designer Rachael Robinson. “It screams EV, it screams electric, and it screams futuristic.”

For designers, a sense of intelligence permeates the vehicle, giving it a I do not know what on purely all-electric vehicles. In addition to the physical elements that impart wisdom, drivers can choose from three driving modes – Whisper, Engage and Unbridled, each with their own sound, driving dynamics and graphics – and can highlight charging stations. nearby in the vehicle’s cloud-connected navigation on a 15.5-inch touchscreen. The Mustang Mach-E is literally smart too: Through machine learning, the vehicle’s Intelligent Range feature calculates based on individual driver behaviors, climate, road conditions and other factors, automatically adjusting the estimated autonomy. “You walk in and everything looks smart. It’s different from the austere, product-driven electric vehicles out there, ”said Greiner.

Above all, the designers emphasized that the Mustang Mach-E has a soul, that it is special and unlike any other vehicle.

For Robinson, nothing evokes the character of the vehicle more than the modern B&O sound system inspired by the soundbar. Because all-electric vehicles are quiet, without the loud rumble of the engine, the sound experience had to be redesigned. The team studied drivers’ preferred sounds and volume levels, incorporating the findings into the vehicle’s driving modes. The delicate shaping of the acoustics and placement of the speakers further enhanced the experience. “It’s so unique and so different from any other car,” said Robinson. “You feel surrounded by sound. “

“Bringing the vehicle to life has been a life-changing job,” the designers said, but seeing the enthusiasm of the users for it was even more rewarding. “It’s just proof that we did it right. We asked the right questions and transformed it with our team’s design sensibility to do something really, really valuable, ”said Robinson. “It was a great trip from start to finish. “

Angela Wang is a freelance writer living in Queens.

The article is a sponsored collaboration between Ford and G / O Media Studios.