Nothing screams Halloween more than a skull on fire. Well, technically the skull itself isn’t on fire, but it’s used to create a candle holder. For this design, the only things you will need are 5 inch plastic skulls, museum wax, and silver and gold spray paint. “Nothing against orange, but silver and gold will match any existing decor you have,” Breegan noted (via HGTV). This color combination is guaranteed to match whatever you already have in place, allowing the skull design to be what takes center stage.

To make these candle holders, you’ll start by using a drill to create a hole in the top and bottom of each skull. Once done, you can spray paint gold and the other silver. Once your skulls are dried you will need to crush and roll your museum wax into a 1 inch ball which will be used to block the bottom hole of each skull. Leave some extra wax outside the hole. Next, find the sweet spot for your skulls and insert taper candles into the holes in the top, making sure to press them into the museum wax so they stay in place. There are many styles of taper candles to choose from to make your DIY project spooky or chic, by CandleStock.