Apothecary Bellport brings their lotions, potions and spa essentials to Bellport.

The store at 151 South Country Road is modeled after the Rose Apothecary store from the TV show “Schitt’s Creek” – owner Giovanni Naso’s favorite quarantine binge Netflix watch.

“I was watching the show and laughing, and then I was like, ‘You know what? An apothecary is what this town needs, ”Naso said of Bellport.

The interior designer and his design assistant Sharon Munson worked for eight years in the former Celadon Home storefront, selling decor and furniture, before deciding to turn the space into an apothecary.

Naso and Munson completely renovated the century-old building and used their design expertise to decorate the space in black and white, while retaining and displaying the original ceilings.

“Before I even get to that, I’ve always talked with Sharon about essential oils, natural things, and crystals, and we really always incorporate home decor items,” Naso said.

All products sold at Bellport Apothecary are organic and come from small businesses based in Long Island and other parts of the country.

Some of these all-natural products include perfumes, essential oils, potted honey, soaps, hair products, skin care, and cleaning products.

“All of these little moms and dads have stories,” Naso said. “It’s very personal; they are small businesses and we represent them here as an apothecary.

The storefront also houses a small market where customers can grab a treat, coffee, cappuccino, or espresso.

The apothecary also offers clothing, such as high-end clothing from Italy, spa items like bathrobes and Bellport Apothecary t-shirts, aprons and masks.

“One shelf makes the next shelf more appealing, and we’ve got a lot more tips up our sleeves that we’d like to bring here,” Munson said. “We want to give people an experience and make them feel like they are entering a place where they feel good. ”

The duo, who both live in Bellport, call the town “a slice of paradise” and love it for its quaint, historic aesthetic, which is why they wanted to put an apothecary there.

Bellport Apothecary had a smooth opening on May 28 and Naso says they plan to have a grand opening later this month.

Just a week after it opened, Munson says the community’s response has already been “a wave of acceptance and appreciation.”

“It’s the perfect place to give a gift, the perfect place to get away from it all, a place to feel special, a place to be pampered,” said Munson. “The audience’s response confirmed that it was the right decision to make and that it was what people wanted, and they didn’t even know they wanted it.”

Check out the photos of Bellport Apothecary below.

(Top: Giovanni Naso and Sharon Munson outside of Bellport Apothecary.)