The past year has brought a lot of change – and reinvention – for many in the creative industries, including Sarah Cochran (right), a veteran interior designer and stylist who has collaborated with Target and Christopher and Banks, and Lisa Dammann (left), who spent her career in advertising agencies and branding for local businesses. The two originally met while working on the set of a Galleria campaign and quickly became friends. But it wasn’t until last year that they took advantage of their professional free time to imagine Xanadu—an aesthetic design agency.

The duo believe there’s power in harnessing a good eye and an innate sense of style to tell a story and create a connection. “We live in a visual world,” says Dammann. “How you present yourself aesthetically is what stirs the emotions and tells your story in the most authentic way. you how and, if you’re a business, what impacts your bottom line. »

That’s what the pair aim to do: elevate brands and spaces that excite all the senses.

Their portfolio is impressive, specializing in creative direction and styling, experiential marketing and ideation, and interior design. One day, they create images for Sleep Number; the next day, they help a national real estate developer redesign or collaborate with Street Factory Media, Wieden and Kennedy and Old Spice to create a custom 10ft wig for a broadcast campaign.

So where will two impeccably styled women who are helping brands stand out be inspired? “We’re always scrolling, watching what emerging influencers and brands around the world are doing, and always on the lookout for dope stuff,” Cochran says.

Take a look at their weekly “Sunday Scroll” photo dump on Instagram Stories, where the two share insight into fashion, beauty, branding and home interior trends that catch their eyes.

Madeleine Nachbar

As Trend & Style Editor of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Madeline Nachbar draws on her passion for travel, fashion and the arts to closely follow the next big trends and excels at creating visually compelling content that inspire.

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March 8, 2022