Edmonds Online Learning Academy

Gisela Autore
Parent’s Name: Emily Autore
Interests: I love volleyball and enjoy photography and hiking.
Community Service: I enjoy babysitting, volunteering for Visionhouse, and donating my time to local food banks.
Educational Goals: I plan to work towards my Associate Degree in my final two years of high school and complete the University of Washington Architecture program.
Career goals: I aspire to become an architect and interior designer.
Do you want us to know something else? Photography is one of my passions.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Aungelina Aarskog

Bella jasso

Edmonds-Woodway High

Stephanie Gutiérrez
GPA: 3.77
Job: Sales associate
Educational Goals: Be patient and positive. Likewise, stay focused and resilient to achieve my goals.
Career goals: Obtain my bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Angela Van Pelt
Parents’ names: Jill and Michael Van Pelt
GPA: 3.4
Clubs & Activities: EWHS Choir 2017-2018
Honors: Honors English; Honors Biology
Awards: Library Helper Award 2013-2014; 2014-2015 Woodway Walkers; 2016 Torch Honor Society Member Great attitude, great skills, great progress; Excellence in Social Studies 2019-2020.
Educational Goals: I plan to go to Edmonds College in the fall to work toward my Associate Degree in Education, then move to a four year university.
Career goals: My career goal is to become a para-educator or teacher.
Anything else we should know? Thank you very much for this honor !!

Lynnwood High

Zoya Kulikov-Wickizer
Parent’s Name: Totiana Kulikov
GPA: 3.6
Clubs & Activities: Robotics and Directory
Honors: I don’t know if taking three AP courses this year counts as honors
Community service: Key Club for one semester
Important school project: I worked in a leadership class near the ASB and the classroom office, mainly in graphic design.
Educational objectives: to obtain the diploma
Career goals: To focus on a career as an artist.

Seamus Laughlin
Parents’ names: Josh and Ashlie Laughlin
GPA: approximately 2.8
Important School Project: Several different school articles for journalism including my most recent edition where I covered the topic of Lynnwood High School’s New Calendar / Format for In-Person and Online Students. I asked different teachers and students about their views on the new format.
Employment: A summer job with Five Guys, Inc.
Educational Goals: To graduate from high school and succeed in college to pursue my career goals.
Career Goals: Find work in the fitness industry, such as a physiotherapist
Anything else we should know? I just want to take the opportunity here to thank all the teachers / counselors / and staff who have helped me get to this point in my life where I am ready to graduate from high school and start a new one. chapter of my young adult life. . It certainly hasn’t been the most peaceful or straightforward four years of my life; however, at the same time, I’m willing to bet it’s usually never for anyone. At the same time they have arguably been the most pivotal years of my life so far from both a life and educational learning perspective and I honestly couldn’t imagine going that far. without the help of my family and my educators. who helped me become the person I am now. I look to the future and am not afraid of the possibility of failure as I now know that the gaps and obstacles are not meant to bring down or destroy individuals, but rather are there to help build the basics of a well-balanced person with that particular character of the person; It’s lessons like this that I have had the privilege of learning from a variety of different teachers over the years and I plan to keep this important information with me for now and forever.

Meadowdale High School

Jos gaughan

Charlotte call
Parents’ names: Katie and Matthew Appel
GPA: 4.0
Clubs and activities: Band (Trum Major), Jazz Band, Math Club (President), FCCLA (Vice President), International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
Honors: AP Fellow with Distinction, National Honors Society, WMEA All-State Band
Community Service: I have over 150 hours of community service in the community of Lynnwood and Meadowdale.
Job: Trudy’s Hallmark (Sales Associate)
Educational Goals: I will be attending Luther College in Decorah, IA this fall to study music Career Goals: I hope to become a high school conductor.

Mountlake Upper Terrace

Bailey Sonko
Parent’s Name: Sandy Sonko
GPA: 3.5
Clubs and Activities: BSU, Women’s Football, Honor Society, Connect
Athletics: Football
Prize: National Prize for Letters on Literature
Community service: key club
Job: pot-bellied sandwich shop
Educational Goals: Will attend Howard University
Career goals: I aspire to become a civil lawyer.

Hermes Torres
Parents’ names: Luz Marina Escoto and Hermes R Torres
Rewards: Student of the Month for May!
Community Service: I help with family affairs and play soccer with my friends and family.
Career goals: Mechanical engineering


Shane Zehrung
Parent’s Name: Darci Zehrung
Athletics: I used to play baseball, basketball and soccer with Special Olympics.
Awards: I won medals for basketball and baseball.
Community Service: I mow the neighbors’ lawns for them from time to time.
Job: I am currently working at TjMaxx and I help with the cleaning of the offices of the buildings.
Educational objectives: I want to practice driving and obtain my license.
Career Goals: I really want to work with a roofing company.
Anything else we should know? When I am not working or at school, I really like to play with my dog.

Scriber High Lake

Joseph Walker
Parents’ names: Mycca and Bobby Walker
GPA 3,242
Educational goals: High school diploma this year
Career Goals: I intend to work in the field of psychology or become an auto repairer.
Anything else we should know? I am very active. Cycling is a hobby that I have had for years as well as training.

Yuritzy ramirez
Parents’ names: Herlinda Diaz and Javier Ramirez
Award: Recognition Award at Scriber Lake High
Community Service: I work in a retirement home and spend time with residents outside of work hours.
Job: Madison House Independent and Assisted Living
Educational Goals: I want to graduate and continue studying at Evergreen to become a Beautician!
Career Goals: I want to get a beautician license and hope I can develop my career enough to open my own shop.

VOICE Transition Program

Ahmed Mohamed
Parents’ names: Hibaq Esse and Abdikhaliq Mohamed
Athletics: sport

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