SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – The road to recovery for many people who have been abusing drugs or alcohol is long, but Road2Recovery CNY is making it a bit easier with a new website

“Recovery is really tough,” said Ed Gabriel, a CNY Road2Recovery advocate. “There are so many factors. You cannot do it alone. You need treatment, you need resources, you need support. Someone who wants to recover from addiction has to find resources, and that’s basically Google roulette. “

To stop the endless searches on Google, Road2Recovery CNY created It is a unique website that has a lot of tools for people looking to stay clean or on the mend.

Gabriel said, “We wanted to create a hub, basically, where people recovering, thinking about recovery, can ask for information and support, and maybe suggestions on things they might not have. be not thought of. For example, we have a static list of places in Syracuse to provide you with productive ways to spend your time: museums, zoos, as soon as the pandemic passes, performing arts, and more.

A major problem that recovering drug addicts often encounter is filling up the time spent abusing drugs or alcohol with healthy, sober activities.

Darlene Endy, CEO of Road2Recovery CNY, said. “Alcohol, for example, is part of virtually every social gathering. It’s just accepted, and I’m not saying I’m against alcohol, but I want to make people aware that you can have a good time without serving alcohol.

In addition to the list of events on, there are also links to dozens of resources such as drug addiction facilities, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, anonymous alcoholics meetings and more.

These resources provided by are even more crucial during what may be a depressing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I just attended a webinar where they reported a 30-50% increase in relapses during COVID,” Endy said. is part of Road2Recovery CNY’s ultimate mission, which is to save lives one at a time. In the CNY Road2Recovery program, people often travel to Georgia or even Texas for treatment, and the program has been successful in changing the lives of nearly 25 people.

“We would like this site to be as robust as possible,” said Endy. “If people want to help, sharing news from this website is a great way to do it, especially on social media. If they want to get involved with our organization, they can go to our website or our Facebook page and sign up to volunteer, or they can just donate if they prefer to do so because we are still working on the Fund raising. money to help the next person who needs it. We have helped 23 people get sober so far, and we would like to help as many as possible. “

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