Irvine, CA, October 21, 2021 – ( – Revive Concierge brings only the best real estate options to motivated homeowners who are ready to create a better future. To further support their strategic vision, Revive is pleased to welcome Rebecca Denis in a new hybrid position within its team as interior designer and owner representative.

Her combined experience in interior design and construction will enable Rebecca to provide outstanding service to Revive clients, giving them insight into the most effective way to achieve their goals.

Rebecca’s unique perspective is a direct result of the variety of titles she has held and the different aspects of the industry she has been a part of. Her career began in commercial interior design, where she focused on corporate offices in the Newport Beach area before moving on to custom renovations and upscale new builds in Portland, OR.

It was there that she got involved in The Street of Dreams, an annual home event that draws up to 60,000 visitors. Rebecca’s work as a senior designer, she won several interior design awards. During this time, she also worked for a new construction developer, specifying finishes and fixes for new projects as well as creating 3D renderings to present to investors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Art Institute of California — Orange County, and enjoys gardening, crafts and camping in her spare time.

With her background in design and construction, Rebecca brings an unmatched understanding of what customers are looking for when partnering with Revive. She is happy to join this “new, fresh and exciting” team.

“It seemed like a good fit because my design and build experience is so diverse that I felt like I would be able to add a unique perspective to any project,” said Rebecca. “Not only in the interior design aspect, but also in the field of construction over the past 9 years, I would be able to help homeowners and contractors.”

Both as an interior designer and a homeowner’s representative, Rebecca will work directly with individual homeowners as well as home builders and developers. Its mission is to help clients who are ready to take the next step, by identifying their goals and creating a path forward.

About Revive: Agent Angel LLC, dba Revive is located in Irvine, California. By supporting the cost of home improvements before the sale and offering guaranteed trade-in offers, Revive offers agents the ability to increase the value of their clients’ homes. To learn more about Revive, visit