This title takes the author back to his sex education classes in the 1990s, but we are don’t talk about it today. No sir. Healthy and family content here.

In fact, healthy families play an important role in the proliferation of the unique vehicular phenomenon that we will discuss in this QOTD. Families, retirees and maybe even you.

Seat cover. Beaded, zebra pattern, faux sheepskin or maybe something with minimal taste, these decidedly non-factory-made additions protect your vehicle’s precious fabrics from the ravages of the sun, spilled drinks, butt wear. and all other kinds of dangers in the car. . It is a well known fact that adding seat covers will increase the resale value of your Kia Spectra by many times, thus preserving not only your seats but also your investment. *Cough*

The idea crossed my mind, after looking at the photos of the base Jetta on loan from Corey, that the Cruze 2.0’s seat fabric is unlikely to hold up over time, being of the sub-variety. soils. All the contrast with my previous daily driver, who absorbed the touch of the ass with dignity and aplomb. Nary a line of tear or wear with this padding.

Do I dare to buy a set, like some kind of desperate Uber driver? My family’s last seat covers stood guard on two fronts – first, they protected the cracked blue vinyl of my father’s Fairmont sedan from the dangers mentioned earlier, and second, they protected our vulnerable rears from that same blue vinyl. rift. If you thought this Fairmont had air conditioning, you are dreaming. Having said that, they were the opposite in good taste. These days, seat covers don’t have to look like an 80-year-old Long Island grandmother.

I don’t believe that the seat condition will make a lot of money when the car is traded in or sold, but I would be embarrassed if the inferior fabric collapsed before the car did. I might also feel awkward with the seat covers in place, depending on the fit and grade. Fortunately, the weather is on my side. Or so it seems. It was probably a few years before a decision was made.

But enough about your humble author’s very humble sedan. And you, dear reader? Are you a family man / woman who has chosen to protect your precious fabric from filthy children and dogs? Are you the type to work and don’t want oil, dirt or grease to be deeply embedded in the seats of your vehicle?

Are you using protection right now, or would such a travesty never find its way into your bastion of perfection on the road?

[Image: Murilee Martin/TTAC]

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