Well, putting your interior design project on hold because of COVID isn’t procrastination, just not getting back on the horse while things stabilize! It’s too late (and unnecessary) to worry about it, it’s just time to start the process of your interior design plan again.

In some ways, this time around, a little procrastination may turn out to have been one of those blessings in disguise we’ve all heard of! The challenge of the pandemic has changed a lot for both commercial and residential “operations”, presenting changes and innovations that had not been considered or implemented before. This time we could just thank ourselves – and our interior design professionals – for the break.

There are two very practical sides to the CV and remedial prospects: that of the client and that of the interior designer. Just as interior design clients can now incorporate new approaches, ideas, and preparations (gifts from the pandemic!) into their plans, your interior designer‘s advice, guidance, and functional recommendations will (at many ways) changed.

Somewhere in all of our personal history, someone wise has probably advised us that out of every bad or difficult experience, something good can emerge! (Although it might be hard to see in the middle of the foray!) If not exactly phrased that way, the adage simply means that we have a choice to either get stuck in trouble or believe that there are solutions – and to find them!

Interior designers, general contractors, architects and a myriad of subcontractors reorganized and regrouped as the limitations and disciplines demanded by the pandemic began to loosen. It’s not over, but it’s fading. Some of these specialists were labeled as “essential services or industries” and allowed to continue throughout the raging pandemic, under very strict requirements, conditions and disciplines – such as limited crews, masking , distancing and regular testing.

Other specialists, less categorized, are reconnecting, replanning their procedures and, in some cases, modifying the methods of installing interior layout plans. Some may only see it through a negative lens, like having to redo, undo, and revise. It would really be better to choose positivity and see the importance of modernizing your project to meet the new, important and changing interior design paradigms. In some very important ways, this means investing more cautiously, as many “concepts of operation” have evolved and changed significantly.

New and innovative ideas for managing the use of space are making more and more sense. You could say that during the worst months of the pandemic, with the convenience of the internet, our imagination and innovation had a wild ride of adaptations!

Perhaps the closest ally in the COVID race has been our radical climate model. As partners in negativity, these two factors challenge all of us who are concerned with contiguous inner and outer environments.

For example, landscapers need to change old assumptions about “the seasons!” Drought, wildfires, and floods upended these assumptions and heavily influenced the design of the exterior landscape.

You may also have reviewed (or procrastinated?) what to do with the land surrounding your residence or commercial building. Modified exterior designs connect and embrace our interior design with inherent and intense threads. Since some of these anomalies have – quite literally – pushed people indoors, many more of our modified outdoor landscaping designs are being enjoyed by our indoor environments. We have considerably expanded our internal presence, our needs and our uses!

It’s quite easy to procrastinate under extremely stressful circumstances. It could be just going back to your interior design project, deciding how to redevelop, or maybe making awnings or glass in that patio for comfort in hot weather and torrential rain. Clearly – thanks to COVID – Interior and Exterior are more closely associated!

Catching up as the pandemic slows down can be a big sigh of relief – and help is on the way!

Robert Boccabella, BFA is a director and founder of Business Design Services and a certified interior designer in private practice for over 30 years. Boccabella provides Designing to Fit the Vision© in collaboration with [email protected] To contact him, call 707-263-7073; email him at [email protected] or visit www.BusinessDesignServices.com or on Face Book at Business Design Services.