Webster Village Council met on Wednesday July 14 and among the items they discussed was the latest development plan for their new village office and police station, which is in a former chiropractic business on the Main Street.

Lately, the question has been whether to use the layout of the building, as is, or whether to essentially empty the interior and start from scratch.

“In the long run it’s probably cheaper to empty and start over,” said village administrator and property committee chairman Tim Maloney, who relayed the information to the architect and other committee members. .

The council reviewed the first preliminary drawings of the interior, which showed a proposed larger meeting room towards the street, with offices and the police station at the back, towards the alley.

“My concern is more with the clerk and the police department,” Maloney said of the larger boardroom size. “I don’t know if this is all set in stone, just informative.”

Council appeared satisfied with the pending design and appreciated the larger meeting room proposal, while also accommodating the needs and space requirements of the police department and the clerk / treasurer.

“I am pleasantly surprised with the initial proposal,” said administrator Greg Widiker with a nod, pointing to the proposed 24ft by 26ft boardroom.

“I think it’s a decent first pass,” said Maloney.

The committee will meet with the architect once more before finalizing the layout plans, taking into account the specific needs and sizes of equipment and furnishings.

• The village board was delighted to hear that there is a great demand for their adjusted tennis courts, which have recently been redeveloped for “pickleball”, which is growing in popularity. The village spent around $ 5,400 on the work and even discussed the possibility of building a new pickleball / tennis court one day down the road.

“A lot of good things are happening in the village,” said village president Jeff Roberts.

Roberts also provided an update on the events and fireworks on July 4th, which drew hundreds of visitors and even quite a few donations.

“Nothing but good things were said about it,” said Roberts, noting that they had received almost $ 2,500 in private donations for the fireworks display, which cost around $ 3,500.

Roberts also said they had been accepted to renew their “Welcome to Webster” signs at both ends of town.

• The Webster School District updated its exterior lighting with new construction and offered to donate to the village several of its older parking lights, which are LED and in good condition. In total, they donated nine lights, which will match several existing bases and can be installed for $ 250 each.

Seven of the lights will be installed along the Gandy Dancer Trail, two of which will go to the fairgrounds, replacing the existing less efficient lighting.

The school district also donated some of its old playground equipment, which will also be installed near the Gandy Dancer Trail. The board thanked the school district.

• There was a discussion on how to deal with sheds and other small outbuildings that may have been built or installed without a permit or without notice to the village. They discussed updating their orders and possibly including a requirement note in future utility billing.

“We just can’t look away,” said administrator Charlie Weis.

There has been a lot of talk about the issue, including setbacks for garage fences, sheds and other things that require permits but may have slipped without the village noticing.

• The Board of Directors approved the request to take out a loan from the State Trust Fund to cover the costs of their recently approved 21 kilowatt solar project, for a total of $ 66,000, payable annually at 3.0% of ten-year interest.

• The Board of Directors has approved a donation to the St. Croix Tribal Police Golf Fundraiser July 26 at Frederic Golf Course, the village sponsoring Hole # 1. The event is a fundraiser for the tribal canine policing program, with Donnie Holmes of the Tribal Police Department making the presentation.

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