Quick take:

  • The trademark application indicates plans to offer NFT-backed virtual goods.
  • The brand also covers software for markets and digital collection registers.
  • He also reports plans to offer NFTs featuring PGA Tour images, highlights, data and graphics.

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) filed a new Web3 trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 20, indicating new plans for its foray into the space NFT, revealed a tweet from trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. .

The trademark registration concerns international classes 9 and 41 covering the following elements:

  • Downloadable computer programs for creating and trading digital collectibles, authenticated by non-fungible tokens via a blockchain network, in the field of sports entertainment, featuring footage, highlights, data and graphics
  • Downloadable computer software for managing digital collection services.
  • A marketplace for transactions and a ledger for digital sports entertainment collectibles including footage, highlights, data and graphics, using blockchain-based software technology and smart contracts
  • Providing online non-downloadable virtual goods in the form of digital collectibles in the field of sports entertainment, containing footage, highlights, data and graphics, authenticated by non-fungible tokens, using blockchain technology to be used in virtual environments created for entertainment purposes

The move comes after PGA revealed in May that it was finalizing deals with Sorare and Autograph to launch golf NFTs. Autograph, a sports and entertainment platform founded by Tom Brady, will create Tour-licensed highlights, photos and data NFTs, while Sorare will offer PGA players digital trading card NFTs.

As PGA is set to launch its own NFTs, the trademark registration marks the PGA’s decision to protect its intellectual property in the NFT space.

Image source: Mike Kondoudis

Top performing players who opt into the NFT programs will receive a lump sum participation payment based on their performance.

While professional golfers like Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau have independently launched NFTs before, the PGA’s NFT programs are designed to put money directly into the pockets of its players by creating “incremental, perpetual royalties to players who require little or no time commitment”.

Golf legend Tiger Woods owns shares in Autograph and sits on its advisory board. Last September, he launched an NFT collection of 10,000 images of career highlights.

It is not yet known which PGA golfers will opt for the NFT programs offered by the association.

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