SRINAGAR: Residents of Noorani Colony, Royal Lane, Saadat Colony and Masjid Aisha Lane Padshahi Bagh Srinagar called on the CEO of the Economic Reconstruction Agency to sanction the macadamisation of inner alleys and alleys in the area.

Padshahi Bagh road

It is relevant to mention here ERA has undertaken a drainage project in the region under the project title “Construction of Banpora Stormwater Drainage System” with a project cost of 28 74 72 725 rupees financed by the World Bank.

All the work related to drainage has been completed in the alleys and alleys of the area. Now, the concerned contractors agency Wani-RBIOOL (JV) says the project has exceeded the cost and tarmacking will not be possible now for the interior lanes but only for the main road.

Residents said that before the project started by ERA, the roads and secondary roads were completely tarmac. Residents have asked the authorities to restore the road to its former state.

A delegation of residents has already informed the CEO of ERA in July 2021.

Residents also said that we have suffered a lot during the construction of the drainage project over the past two years.

“Now that winter is fast approaching and tarmac treatment must begin soon so that residents can be relieved of the hardship caused by the wet weather conditions,” they said.

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