One of the great things we love about mosaic tiles in luxury pools is the artistic versatility of the material. It’s a notoriously difficult medium to work with, but craftsmen are able to design incredibly sophisticated optical illusions in the pool with tile mosaics.

Designing an artistic mosaic that uses the entire liner of the pool requires real know-how. Industry elites are adept at using tile as their preferred medium for painting a portrait that tells a story. Ray Corral of Mosaicist, Inc. is an industry recognized craftsman who has mastered the ability to do this. The Miami-based company has built a reputation for designing stunning mosaic pool interiors.

Use tiles to create optical illusion mosaics

Working with high-end builders and designers like Brian Van Bower and Ryan Hughes, Corral is accustomed to working on luxury custom pools that require his particular skills. His ability to create transcendent designs that draw you inside the pool is undeniable.

Creating optical illusions in the pool is second nature to Corral. “I’ve come to realize that a lot of the simple things we do attract attention and people are just caught off guard. We take that for granted because we’ve done so many designs. Sometimes what we think is unbelievable because of the complexity, people don’t always understand and appreciate,” Corral said.

Mosaic seascape interior. Photo credit: mosaicist

While most of the mosaic tile interiors Corral designs these days are for modern geometric shaped pools, it still does a fair amount of freeform pool interiors. In South Florida, mosaic seascapes are popular, and Corral caters to that clientele looking to transform their pool interior into a tropical lagoon.

Design realistic seascapes

This particular project showcases Corral’s abilities to create optical illusions with mosaic tiles. From intricate waves in the sand to the ocean scene inside the swimming pool, creating these types of visual effects is definitely something not every tile company can easily master.

“When we look at the sand, it looks real,” Corral said, “These customers wanted a realistic environment. They have tropical landscaping, decks, landscaping inside the pool that just creates this type of oasis. They want to look out the window and see the coral reefs, fish and aquatic animals,” he explained.

“There are people who are close to the ocean, or the ocean is in their hearts, or they love diving, whatever the case. A lot of these people want scenery in their pool and we’re just trying to create something realistic for them,” Corral said.

“When we come up with a design, we take into account that the reality of this fact is that most of the time the owner will be looking at the pool and not necessarily swimming in it. We take into consideration how the design looks from the second floor, the first floor and when you enter the pool,” explained Corral.

“We also take into account the depth of the pool and the transition from the shallow end to the deep end,” Corral said. It is in the planning and design of the elements that will make up the entire scene that he spends an inordinate amount of time discussing with clients who want a swimming pool interior of this nature.

“A lot of times homeowners look to our Instagram or our website or the books we have in our office to help them choose things to add to their pool,” Corral said.

Create a mosaic tropical paradise

Designing the customer’s ideal tropical mosaic tile fantasy can be challenging on freestyle pools. Corral said the shape of these pools is extremely difficult to work with and requires a certain level of planning and dexterity to execute correctly. Seems like old hat for him though. Planning a fully mosaic beach entry pool that transforms into a tropical lagoon this way is something his company Mosacist, Inc. does at least several times a year.

“The difficult thing about these designs is that the closer you get to the walls, the more attention you have to pay attention to detail. It’s very easy for a designer to make a circle and have it made somewhere else, but it’s hard to design a concept that hugs the walls that way and stands out.

3d render of aquarium
3D rendering of the aquarium – Photo credit: Mosaicist, Inc.

Aquatic mosaic art

Designing beautiful seascape mosaics for the pool isn’t Corral’s only wheelhouse. He showed us other breathtaking examples, including a mosaic aquarium he installed for one of his clients. From 3D rendering to real-world product, it’s amazing the amount of detail needed to achieve these types of optical illusions.

Aquatic Glass Mosaic Tile Art
Aquatic Glass Mosaic Tile Art – Photo Credit: Mosaicist, Inc.

To plan, design and install all the unique elements that will make up a total scene, you can easily see how many individual tiles are needed to create effects of this nature. It’s an old-world craft skill that Corral has honed over his years in the tile industry.

“We’re always looking for a customer who wants us to do something we’ve never tried before,” Corral said. “We are excited when customers allow us to do something different. This gives diversity to our portfolio and keeps us at the top of the industry.

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Photo credits : Mosaicist, Inc.