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Seems familiar?

You’ve worked long enough to have sea legs. You know your way around a building, but you know you still have room to grow. You are passionate about design and want the opportunity to spread your wings a little. People can count on you and you want the chance to take on more responsibility. At STG, we can make it happen. STG Design is seeking a Technical Architect with five to seven years of experience to join our Nashville office.

 Built on hard work and pure passion.

STG has a history of over 40 years of providing award-winning commercial architecture and interior design. We are also banking on this for the future. We have recently become the property of our employees and we are full of energy. At STG, we are:

  • Focused on finding the right design solution for each customer based on research and innovation

  • Passionate about improving our community

  • Committed to helping our people become better professionals and better people

We like to say that we combine the best of a small office environment with the advantages and benefits of a large desktop support system. This means unparalleled access to management, an enthusiastic and helpful administrative team, and tight-knit studios that value a healthy sense of humor. If you are looking for a career, a business to help you grow, and a home office, then STG Design is the place for you!

STG’s Nashville office is located in the historic Stahlman Building, directly across from Public Square Park (home of the Live on the Green music festival) and just a few blocks from Broadway, where you can refuel Honky -Tonks and Hot Chicken.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

We want great people like us. Of course, STG’s technical architects must be detail-oriented. You need to understand how to keep your team on track, how to delegate tasks, and how to handle customer needs. But we’re also looking for people who are passionate about bringing out the best in a design, finding the best way to tell the design story to GC, and making sure the built environment matches the intent. Design. We want people who tackle every new challenge knowing that last week’s answer doesn’t match this week’s question. People who are always looking to learn more and then apply what they have learned to improve those around them.

 What’s in a day?

One of our favorite things about this profession is the variety. Our routine is that there is no routine. On a given day, you can (among other things):

  • Facilitate project presentations so that your team members deliver a consistent message to the client

  • Work with a PA to develop components and design details

  • Take the lead and learn on the job; our senior executives are happy to help you grow

  • Lead a cart to pressure test a potential design solution

  • Participate in construction administration, helping to keep the built product aligned with design intent

We know that developing expertise is important, but cross-training also helps us grow. At STG, you will likely be working on a variety of types of projects. We had the chance to design a children’s museum, create the Oracle office, reinvent a powerhouse, and change the way Wilsonart recruits. We have learned that what we discover about one type of project helps us innovate on another.

What we are looking for

After 40 years, we know each other fairly well; we know what we expect and what enables people to thrive at STG. We value people who are:

  • Interesting – As a technical architect you must be a licensed architect, but our top talents are so much more. We have philosophers and psychologists, basketball players and biologists. Heck, we even have a political scientist on our team. This vast experience allows us to provide unique insight into our clients’ problems and contribute to their solutions in unexpected ways.

  • Great Communicators – Whether it’s your office colleague, the client, or the entrepreneur, if you can’t get your message out, you can’t deliver.

  • Self-taught – We want people who don’t wait for direction; they find the next task and start.

  • Learners Ready – Whether it’s the latest Revit tip or a brand new process for determining site performance, STG employees are excited to add another tool to their repertoire.

  • Adaptable – No two projects are the same. The approach that worked last time won’t always be right next time. We are looking for people who find the right context and the right solution for the task at hand. People who ask for help when they need it – whether the answer lies with our staff or an outside partner – and use what they have learned to do their best job.

  • Technical Knowledge – Revit, Adobe CC, Bluebeam are all a must have. Sketchup, Lumion, Rhino, Dynamo would also be perfect. What’s even better is if you can show us a tool that we haven’t seen yet and teach us all how to be more efficient or effective.

And after?

If you’re excited, we’re excited! Please apply online at for the “Nashville Technical Architect” position. We will contact you soon for the next steps. Our process usually includes a few rounds of interviews and an opportunity to chat informally with a group of potential peers.

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