Public relations, or PR, is not always well understood. Consider the definition provided by the Public Relations Society of America: “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their audiences. ” It’s understood?

Hubspot Marketing Website Defines PR This Way: “Public relations professionals help a business or individual cultivate a positive reputation with the public through a variety of unpaid or deserved communications, including traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements. They also help clients defend their reputation during a crisis that threatens their credibility.

Many people think of public relations as about advertising, getting coverage in various media outlets in their market. Despite the decline in the number of print publications, such advertising is still possible and valuable. Getting published gives you extra credibility; it is a third party approval. And you can get an added benefit of it by posting to your website and social media.

But what if you are in a market where the possibilities for this type of advertising are limited? The good news is that you are in control with a lot of options, one of which is to become your own editor. Your website, blog, social media, email, direct mail, and other tools all help make you a powerful publisher. You can reach whoever you want to reach and control your message and timing. These are more powerful when you make them work together – when you stack them.

Suppose you start by writing an article that will be published. Make sure to brag about getting published on your website, in an email, on social media and in any other way possible, always linking back to the article. Consider turning the topic into a seminar or webinar. Of course, you don’t have to wait for an article to be published. You can jump right into writing a blog post or eBook, and then use PR layers to reach as many people as possible and get them to visit your blog.

At Decorating Den Interiors, franchisees can choose to receive “a complete marketing package” including customizable templates with this type of layering in mind.

a sample Decorating Den Interiors email

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For example: “Are you passionate about your house? Was a topic scheduled for Valentine’s Day, and the basis was an article with photos, which also served as content for a blog post. To add layers to the article, the company’s marketing team produced an email template that could be personalized with the designer’s photo and contact information with the Facebook and Instagram posts automatically published on the page. of each designer. A scripted PowerPoint presentation was also provided for conducting a seminar or webinar.

“A Shamrock Guide to Interior Design” was the theme for the month of March. During Tax Month, the topic was “Working with an Interior Designer Doesn’t Need to be Taxed”. Themes for the following packages include Memorial Day, Multigenerational Homes, Christmas in July, Challenging Spaces, and Relaxing Respites. The result is out-of-the-box PR / marketing packages that are automatic for every design franchise company that chooses to participate.

Using a common theme allows for greater efficiency. Advertising results depend on reach and frequency: reaching the right people multiple times. The same goes for public relations. The more a person sees a message, the more likely they are to remember it.

If you have a good topic then why waste it on one use? Some people won’t see your Facebook post, some won’t see your email, some won’t see your blog post, etc. But some will see one or more of these PR tools. More importantly, some will see your post reinforced because they have seen it multiple times. Everything works to build your personal reputation.

Now that you understand the concept of layering, here are some more tips for success: be timely, relevant, consistent, believable, and have great photos.

Ross Feltz is a seasoned public relations professional with experience in a variety of business and academic settings. He is the director of public relations for Decorating Den Interiors.