KOCHI: Kuttiattoor Mango and Edayur Pepper get a Geographical Indication (GI) label from the Chennai GI Register. The GI status was obtained through the concerted efforts undertaken jointly by the Intellectual Property Unit of the Agricultural University of Kerala (KAU), the State Department of Agricultural Development and Farmer Welfare as well as the farmers. Edayur and Kuttiattoor.
“The GI tag is making the products famous and attracting more people’s interest, which will lead to higher demand. This ultimately benefits the farmers of these products as they get higher prices in the market, ”said Professor CR Elsy, former coordinator of the IPR cell at the Agricultural University of Kerala (KAU), during which the requests for these two products have been submitted.
“The low spiciness is the uniqueness of Edayur pepper. Edayur pepper fruit is a drooping, solitary berry, moderately triangular in shape and with a smooth surface. Chili peppers are very delicious with meals because of their attractive, mild flavor and taste. It is used to prepare mulaku kondatom (dried chili after soaking in curd) which can be stored for over a year. During the harvest season, it will be offered to relatives, friends and dignitaries, ”says the case report submitted to the GI register in Chennai.
Edayur chilly is cultivated in Edayur, Athavanad, Marakkara, Irimbiliyam, Kalpakanchery and Valanchery panchayats in Valanchery block, as well as in Moorkanad and Kuruva panchayats in Angadipuram block in Malappuram district. It has been cultivated in the region for 150 years.
Kuttiattoor mango is a popular and tasty traditional mango cultivated in Kuttiattoor and neighboring grama panchayats in Kannur district. This mango has maximum spread in Kuttiattoor panchayat. They are commonplace in every farm, school, public institution and roadside of Kuttiattoor panchayat.
This mango is famous for its attractive yellow-orange color as well as its excellent taste and flavor. Another specialty is that ripe fruits do not have spots or spots on the skin, which makes them more attractive in the market. The distinctiveness of the Kuttiattoor mango is facilitated by the combination of the specific environmental conditions of the growing area and the varietal characters, according to the KAU press release.