Joanna Gaines is the media mogul and interior design queen who runs the Magnolia Network. Alongside her husband Chip, Joanna has an entire empire she’s set in motion, and spending time with her family is key to it all. the Magnolia Painting The host recently shared a video on Instagram spending time with her family and it’s their adorable dog that fans couldn’t help but see.

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Joanna Gaines enjoys a family day out

Gaines is an endearing television personality and is loved by millions. The interior designer has made a name for herself helping renovate homes around Waco, Texas, alongside her husband Chip on the show Upper fixator. Fans have loved the couple ever since their HGTV show became a hit.

One thing fans love about Chip and Joanna is how much emphasis they put on family time. Family is everything, and Joanna often shares glimpses of her personal life on Instagram. On January 16, Joanna posted a video of her whole family spending time outdoors playing volleyball.

“Trampoline and volleyball net in the front yard…I don’t think we would ever be successful in a neighborhood,” she wrote in the caption.

However, fans noticed that Chip and Joanna’s dogs were relaxing amidst all the fun and they took all the intent out of the rest of the family.

“The dog was so relaxed in the middle of the game,” one fan noted.

“I love that there is a dog relaxing in the middle of the game,” added a follower.

“It’s hilarious that your dog is lying in the middle of all this,” one Instagram user said.

“I love the dog that refuses to move,” added another fan.

“And I love how the fur baby always has to be in the middle of things,” another follower commented.

“I love the dog lying down in the middle of the game! So charming!” another Instagram user mentioned.

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Chip and Joanna Gaines talk about Magnolia Network

A day of family fun is surely something Chip and Joanna enjoyed after spending the last month promoting the launch of Magnolia Network. The cable channel’s programming had been streaming for the past year, but was at the peak of 2022 when it launched on linear television taking over the FYI network. Ahead of the network premiere, Chip and Joanna talked about what they look for in the talent they hire.

“I think one of the things we’ve seen is this thread of vulnerability. People have to say, ‘I’m ready to put myself out there. I don’t even know how to be on TV,'” Joanna said. Variety. “We’re like, ‘Hey, it doesn’t matter. Forget the cameras are there, we just want to highlight what you’re authentically doing in your life.'”

Joanna said that all of Magnolia Network’s talent presented itself “in a very vulnerable and beautiful way”. The interior designer thinks it showcases everyone’s personalities and the moments don’t feel scripted.

“We’ve had so many people write us letters, and even connect with us on social media just saying, ‘After watching the show, I was really inspired to go do what I was supposed to. To do. So it’s amazing to see the trickle down effect of when people show up and inspire others to do the same,” she added.

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