Jelly Beans are meant to be a sweet treat, unless you taste Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled collection. The candy line is an exercise in masochism, with traditional jelly beans like peach and juicy pear mixed with nasty varieties like barf and boogers. Now, reports that Jelly Belly is upping the raw factor with two new flavors.

Adventurous eaters will now find liver and onion flavored jelly beans and old bandages in their BeanBoozled box. Like all disgusting candy in the collection, these additions are accompanied by conventionally flavored doppelgängers. Speckled red jelly beans taste like an old bandage or a sweet pomegranate. If you don’t get a bite of liver and onions when you try dark brown beans, you’ll be treated to the more desirable cappuccino flavor instead.

Jelly Belly markets BeanBoozled as a twisted Russian roulette-style game where players have to eat the beans to see what flavors they get. The brand is also perfect for gag gifts or pranks to unsuspecting candy lovers. Along with the new flavors, the line also includes stomach-turning varieties like dead fish, dirty dishwater, toothpaste and rotten eggs. Jelly beans are all good to eat, but thanks to a rigorous development process and sophisticated odor analysis technology, they taste as close to the real thing as possible.

Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled packs, with the new flavors, are available for purchase in stores and in line. Here are even more wacky flavors that the candy company has inflicted on its customers in the past.


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