It was in the summer of 2019 that I finally lost him. My parents’ living room “wastebasket” was full of magazines and catalogs intact. As a fervent disciple of Marie Kondo, I got involved as their own professional organizer (free since they raised me) and started to purge what did not bring me joy.

I was ruthless, except when it came to design magazines. I’m in my 30s and I have my own apartment (no roommates! No friends!), Looking for inspiration and bargains everywhere. Flipping through each previous issue, the coolest bathroom caught my eye. This small space mixed forest green walls, even more green cement floor tiles, marble everywhere that wasn’t green, champagne brass light fixtures, and plants wherever they could fit.

Yes, the description sounds chaotic, but each element made sense together. He has proven that interior design can be fun in any room. Put artwork above the toilet! Do you like orange and turquoise? Add both! No, you don’t have too many ferns!

I picked up my phone to hunt down the designer’s Instagram and was greeted by the Pattern Mixer, Plant Daddy and King of Walls at Dabito Gallery, the Founder and Creative Director of the Old Brand New website. . Recently, we connected online, where he was able to take some time off his schedule as an artist, art director, designer, blogger and photographer to talk about interiors.

Scroll on to see some of Dabito’s coolest projects, check out his inspirations, and check out his favorite APIA designers, artists, and creatives we all should be following.

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