Nestled just below Paramount Studios and about five miles east of Beverly Hills is Hancock Park, a century-old Los Angeles neighborhood with a rich history. It may not have the name recognition that 90210 boasts, but it’s been a favored enclave of LA’s elite since its inception, attracting old Hollywood big names like Mae West, Clark Gable and Ava Gardner, as well as local business moguls and government officials.

The yard of a 1928 Spanish Colonial that was previously owned by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, and was photographed for AD in 2017.

Photo: Douglas Friedman

The beauty of Hancock Park is its variety. To this day it is a representation of the playfulness of 1920s Los Angeles architecture when the majority of Hancock Park homes were built, and as such it contains a wide range of property styles, including Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, and chateau dwellings. From its earliest days when G. Allan Hancock was planning the residential development, allowing these properties to shine has been a priority. Hancock’s original guidelines, including the insistence that properties be at least 50 feet from the street and that utility lines be placed out of sight behind homes, remain key elements that create the stately ambience. separate from the region.

This thoughtful planning attracted not only prominent residents, but also well-known architects of the day, including Southern California architecture golden boy Wallace Neff and Hoover Dam architect Gordon Kaufman. In 2008, the area was named one of LA’s historic preservation overlay areas, ensuring that the area’s magnificent buildings won’t be wiped out anytime soon, and that nothing will be added that might distract from their beauty.

A gorgeous three-story living room in a well-preserved home designed by Gordon Kaufmann in the neighborhood.

Photo: Dusan Simonovic / Estate Photos LA

Although some celebrities and personalities have moved west in search of ocean views, Hancock Park remains popular both with tourists looking to get a glimpse of the city’s past and with locals who are interested in architecture and mature foliage. From Margot Robbie to Fred Savage, many contemporary stars have had their time in the neighborhood, and it’s even endorsed by royalty – Meghan Markle has previously rented a Colonial in the area and Prince William and Kate Middleton have spent time in a house designed by Neff. . Below we highlight some of the 21st the most prominent stars of the century who appreciated the centrality and beauty of Hancock Park.

Shonda Rhimes