DESIGNING a house takes a lot of time, money and research.

Most of us don’t want our homes to look cheap or cheesy, but if you’re not an expert, some common mistakes are hard to avoid.


An interior designer has revealed three mistakes people make in their homesCredit: TikTok/anthonyimmediato
He said using flags as wall decorations was a big mistake


He said using flags as wall decorations was a big mistakeCredit: Getty

An interior designer named Anthony Immediato, who goes by @anthonyimmediato on social media, has attracted over 55,000 users to TikTok with his helpful, easy-to-follow home decor tips.

He recently revealed three things you’ll never find about him, thanks to his experience on the pitch.


The first item on his list was about a common mistake we make in the bedroom.

“The first thing I mentioned before, and will continue to mention, is the bedding assortment.

I'm an interior designer - your house looks
I'm an interior designer - how to make your home look expensive on the cheap

“I don’t think they necessarily look bad. I think it’s a good plan B, but I think it’s better when you find mix and match pieces that are personalized and unique.


If you plan to hang an American flag above your bar cart, don’t.

According to Anthony, flags have no place on your walls.

“Not just the American flag, any flag. Unless you’re in a dorm, I wouldn’t do that.


His last piece of advice was to avoid painted furniture.

“Vintage quality wooden furniture mostly painted.

“Why are you painting this beautiful mid-century walnut credenza, why are you painting it teal? Don’t paint it teal.

It is better to keep the original patina of the unique piece and keep its worn appearance.

Viewers agreed with his takes:

“Painted vintage makes me viscerally overwhelmed,” one person wrote.

“With you on all of this, especially the painting of vintage furniture. That’s a big no for me,” another added.

He's also not a fan of painted vintage furniture.


He’s also not a fan of painted vintage furniture.Credit: Getty