AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the three mistakes she always sees people make when renovating their bathrooms.

Brie Turton, who is from Australia and posts under the acronym @studiobrie, took to TikTok and shared an informative video which has since received over 1.1 million views.


Interior designer Brie Turton shared the three mistakes to avoid when renovating your bathroomCredit: TikTok/@studiobrie
The interior design expert noted how people often overlook the location of the toilet


The interior design expert noted how people often overlook the location of the toiletCredit: TikTok/@studiobrie

In the clip, she begins, “I’m an interior designer and if you’re designing your bathroom, you’re going to want to hear from them.”

First, she notes how time and again people forget about flow and function.

“Essentially, you want to think about exactly the path you’re on
to follow when using your bathroom,” she explains. “For example, as soon as I get out of the shower, I want to be able to grab a handy towel.

Sharing an ideal example alongside another that wasn’t well thought out, Brie continues, “This design worked really well here because when you open the door, the shower rail for the towel is right there.

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“With this bathroom though, you can see there is an unnecessary step from the toilet to the sink.

“What you could have done is swapped the sink and the shower – everything is next to each other and that would have allowed you to put a towel rack on the wall right next to the shower.”

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Moving on to number two, Brie stresses the importance of considering the location of the toilets.

“We don’t want to open the door and see the toilet right away,” says the design expert.

“This one has been beautifully tucked away. That way the first impression is a beautiful pond.

“This is an interior design tip and will make you feel like you designed it.”

Finally, she urges homeowners not to block corners in the bathroom that you can’t clean.

“This tub should have been flush with the wall and not freestanding because there’s not enough room to clean it,” she explains.

The post has since been inundated with messages from social media users who were grateful for the advice.

“Getting the perfect floor plan/flow is definitely the most important part,” one wrote.

A second wrote: “”Yes!!! Every time I saw bathtubs like that when I was a kid, I was like ‘how can you clean up there?'”

A third enthused: “Yes! Always hide the toilet.”

Another noted: “Totally agree and great advice.”

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Meanwhile, another commented, “I will learn from you, thank you!”

And another added: ‘Something to remember when building my own house.

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