A PROFESSIONAL interior designer has revealed the three things that make your home look cheap

Marissa Pellegrini, known as @barelykeepingittogether on TikTok, said having cords near your TV, things on your fridge, and general clutter ruin the vibe of your home.


TV cords and clutter aren’t good for the designCredit: TikTok/@barelykeepingittogether
Fans said they value their children's memories more than having a designer home


Fans said they value their children’s memories more than having a designer homeCredit: Getty

Pellegrini began his video by comparing a TV with messy cords around to another with internal wiring.

“It could be a really cute little setup, but the cords ruin it,” she said of the clutter.

She said anyone, even tenants, can fix the problem.

“Now some of you might be like, well, I’m a tenant, I can’t do this,” she said.

“Do it anyway. You can do two things.

“One, either your landlord is going to be happy you made this upgrade because now other tenants can do it, or two you can fix a hole very easily.”

Next on the list was to have kids’ crafts and projects all over the fridge.

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“Okay, parents aren’t mad at me, but that kid clutter on your fridge makes it really cheap,” she said.

“If you have guests over, clean it up.

“If you can, take it all out, if you want it to look more upscale. If not, boo yourself.”

The final tip was to avoid clutter in general and make sure everything has its place.

“If everything has its place and you use a minimalist design, it will look a lot more luxurious,” she said.

But many fans pushed back on the idea of ​​keeping their kids’ creations out of the fridge.

“Yeah, my baby’s stuff is going to stay on the fridge,” one said. “They’re only small for a little while.”

“I personally think the kids stuff on the fridge adds charm and makes it feel more at home,” said another.

“So my house looks cheap because my family and I are in there,” said a third.

“My mother was obsessed with living like this and it’s stressful for a child to grow up in a house that has to be perfect,” another recalled.

Another reviewer said they don’t go to people’s homes for their interior design skills, but rather for their business.

“When I go to someone’s house, I go there to visit them,” they said.

“I’m not going to judge on what they have.”

Pellegrini is a self-proclaimed “tell it like it is” designer.

She charges her $375.00 to design a piece online and $45 for her to answer a design question on TikTok.

She has more than 140,000 subscribers on the platform.

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