Promotion: Technology brand HP has invited designers and architects to present a series of talks on how forward-thinking design can better meet user needs.

The brand’s six webinars cover a range of topics, including changes in residential design following the coronavirus pandemic, design for work environments, how drawing can be a powerful communication tool, beach houses durable and the impact of small everyday objects.

In the series, HP aims to show “how the best specialists are helping to build a better world through smarter design and construction“.

Swiss design studio Big-Game joined HP for the series’ first webinar, in which studio founders Augustin Scott de Martinville, Grégoire Jeanmonod and Elric Petit discussed “how everyday objects can enhance the spaces where we live. live and work”.

The webinar describes a selection of Big-Game furniture and products that represent the studio’s philosophy of improving living conditions through intelligent design and construction.

Robert Palomba, co-founder of interior design studio Palomba Serafini Associati, presented a webinar on post-pandemic living conditions.

In the talk, Palomba explores the changes in the way we use our homes following the Covid-19 pandemic and how design can reflect changing habits.

“A lot of people are starting to think about their home in a different way,” he said. “Before, it was just a place to go to sleep or take a shower before going out with friends. Now people are starting to feel home as a place to stay and a place that should represent us.”

Using their own architectural designs as examples, Brazilian studio FGMF Arquitetos partners Fernando Forete and Lourenço Gimenes hosted a webinar on the future of office space design.

Forte and Gimenes discuss how workplace design has evolved over the past decade and how architects can better meet user needs.

In a webinar titled Balancing Digital and Natural, Kirsten R Murray, owner of US firm Olson Kundig Architects, suggests that office interiors incorporate natural design elements.

Murray explains that as the workplace becomes increasingly digitized, designers need to reconsider how the work environment is designed and the importance of providing a connection to nature.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, architect Tosin Oshinowo presented a lecture on the sustainable evolution of beach houses in West Africa.

In the webinar, Oshinowo explores how the rise to independence has influenced architecture in African countries, tropical modernist design, and projects made by his studio, CmDesign Atelier.

Oshinowo explains how CmDesign Atelier’s beach house designs aim “to create comfortable spaces with passive maintenance systems while being able to incorporate social sustainability.”

For the final webinar in the series, HP invited Hamza Shaikh, host of the Two Worlds Design podcast, to discuss the importance of designs in sparking conversation and “creating a positive impact on society.”

In the talk entitled Drawing Positive Change Using Architecture, Shaikh explains how he uses drawing as a communication tool and unpacks the progression from a sketch to a completed building.

To see more of his webinars, visit the HP website.

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