OOn a cold spring evening in 1989, future Hollywood hub Peter Jackson gathered friends and barged into a converted rural train shed. New Zealand. They were about to embark on a guerrilla feat that would confirm Jackson’s credentials as a wild child of Antipodean cinema and also give him his first experience working with elaborate special effects and ambitious sets. The journey to the Lord of the Rings began here.

” New Zealand Movie Commission had closed our film because we were over budget. We had to finish it in secret, “recalls actor and comedian Danny Mulheron, one of Jackson’s co-conspirators That Wet Night. The Unfinished Scenes.”

The film was Meet The Feebles, the director’s second feature film and a film today commonly referred to as “The Muppets On Acid”. One of the purest manifestations of Jackson’s fertile imagination, Deranged Lovemaking featured hand-made puppets, scatological storylines, and surreal visual humor. And also jokes about AIDS, adorable woodland animals shooting heroin and a parody of the Russian roulette sequence in The Deer Hunter.

Hardly anyone saw it when it was released the following year, yet Feebles had a lasting influence. From gonzo cartoons such as Ren and Stimpy and Aqua Teen Hunger Force to the Broadway Avenue hit Q, the concept of X-rated puppets swearing, doing drugs and antics made the legs grow (ironic, because the legs were the only thing missing from these puppets).

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