Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
Bangalore-based Homes Under Budget (HUB) launched the “Budjust” series to make interior design of rental homes even more affordable for everyone. The “Budjust” series comes with an uncompromising promise of quality, commitment, transparency and honesty.

Since its inception, Homes Under Budget has created, designed and made luxury interiors an affordable reality. With HUB, landlords, tenants and leaseholders can be expected to dream of having a beautiful home in the city of Bangalore, India.

HUB was launched after directors Ranjith P Raj and Susmita Mondal realized that middle class people in India are taken for a ride when it comes to creating interiors for their dream homes. Whether it’s a carpenter or an individual designer or decorator, affordability and deadlines have always been a hit or miss. Realizing those ongoing, never-ending problems that a client encounters in designing and decorating their dream home, the duo are committed to making HUB a reality and eliminating all the hassle for a client.

“We have designed and created 250 homes since we launched HUB. We have shattered the very thought in our client’s mind that interior design of a home is an expensive affair. Today, we deliver the ideal solutions by building premium, factory-built modular interior designs at a purely affordable cost, ”said Ranjith P Raj, Founder and Director of HUB.

“My experience spanning years of working with major builders and interior design firms made me realize the unreliable lead times, incompetent finish and lack of product warranties that were a given. Customers felt cheated, especially when it came to manual carpentry jobs. This was not acceptable to us and we decided that HUB was the right answer to their problems, ”said Susmita Mondal, Co-Founder and CDO, HUB.

Under the HUB and “BudJust” models, there are absolutely no hidden costs. We get what he pays and within the agreed timeframe. A promise of the lowest price, the use of branded materials and “Made in the HUB factory” are some of the top selling features that customers are happy to know and experience. Regarding the design, we offer 3D visualization, a wide range of finishes, 50 day delivery, a range of easy EMI options, 5 year warranty and a dedicated customer service team also as part of the package deals, ”Ranjith added.

About budget homes

HUB is a highly skilled interior design company, with the right mix of skills, creativity and ethics. The company was incorporated in 2019 in Bangalore. More than 250 houses have been designed and decorated since its creation.

HUB was formed on the premise that there would be no hidden costs, no price increases, no delays and guaranteed delivery within 49 days. The founders have extensive experience in the comprehensive planning and design of multi-phase residential and non-residential developments. With experience, the team is known for its attention to detail, strong organizational skills and project management.

Getting the right brief is the biggest hurdle to overcome and at HUB the team rightly interprets the brief and comes up with design solutions that represent a sense of style and at the same time economically feasible.

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