VADODARA: Navratri’s razzmatazz reached dazzling heights with the garba melody, and if this was a performance by prominent garba singer Atul Purohit, it was pure magic. Purohit, who takes the garba frenzy to feverish heights every year, is not only a much sought-after artist in the state, but his melodious voice has even won him accolades across the world.
In order to protect his art, the 64-year-old singer has now registered under trademark and copyright laws. With the patenting, Purohit has now officially become a brand in its own right!
“For years people have used my name and songs in their videos, YouTube channels, mobile apps and also at events, although without my permission. This will cause me problems in the future so I have decided to officially register my name in the Trademark Register, ”Purohit told TOI.
“I don’t mind people using my name or Garba songs, but it has to be done with the required permission. My name and photographs are now protected by copyright law, ”said Purohit, who is associated with United Way of Garba, one of the city’s most popular garba locations, for nearly three decades. decades now.
By injecting terms like ‘chalo beta’ into the middle of his garba songs, Purohit has hooked his aficionados to the beat that has taken revelers across seven seas in the US, UK and even Australia and many more. country in their best dance during Navratri. As his popularity skyrocketed, people began to randomly use his name, photographs, and songs on their websites, online channels, live performances, and even in their movies.
“Now no one can use their name for commercial purposes without their permission. He has the exclusive right to the name Atul Purohit, ”said attorney Yash Suryawala, an expert in intellectual property rights (IPR) laws who registered Purohit’s name.
While businesses and organizations typically obtain trademark registrations, Purohit is the first confirmed artist in the state to register their name under trademark and copyright laws.
The artist also had three of his photographs recorded. They can now only be used with his permission.
Suryawala said the process of registering his name in the Trademark Register started in July last year and that they got the trademark registration certificate this year.

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