the latter or to protect this creditor against loss in respect of him (in whole or in part); provided, however, that the term “guarantee” does not include endorsements for collection or deposit in the ordinary course of business. The term “guarantee”, when used as a verb, has a correlative meaning.

incur»Means to issue, assume, make a guarantee or become otherwise liable.

indebtedness“Means, to any person, the obligations of that person for borrowed money (including, without limitation, debt for borrowed money evidenced by notes, bonds, debentures or similar instruments).

Intellectual property»Means registry agreements, cooperation agreement, all intellectual and similar property of any kind and of any kind owned or acquired by Verisign or any restricted affiliate, including inventions, designs, patents, rights of ” author, trademarks, trade secrets, domain names, confidential or exclusive technical and commercial information, know-how, show-how or other data or similar information, software and databases and all their embodiments or fixings and related documentation, all additions, enhancements, and accessions to any of the above, and all entries for all of the above.

nobody»Means any individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, association, corporation, trust, unincorporated organization or government or political subdivision thereof.

Main property»Means, depending on the context, any real or immovable property forming part or constituting all or part of any Main Facility.

Main facility»Means any primary secure data center or resolution site, office space or other facility owned on the date of ticket issuance or acquired by the Company or any subsidiary of the Company after that date and located in the United States and its territories, other than any facility whose net book value (calculated in accordance with GAAP) of which, at the time of such determination, does not exceed 1.0% of the total consolidated assets of the company.

Registry AgreementsMeans certain registry agreements between VeriSign, Inc. and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, entered into on November 29, 2012 and July 1, 2017, respectively, as amended.

Restricted subsidiary“Means (i) any subsidiary of Verisign which would be a” material subsidiary “of Verisign within the meaning of Rule 1-02 (w) (ii) or (iii) of the SX Regulation under the Foreign Exchange Act in effect on the date of issue of the Notes and (ii) any other subsidiary of Verisign which holds principal ownership, in the case of each of clauses (i) and (ii) above, to the exclusion of any subsidiary which does not is not organized under the laws of any state of the United States of America or any of its affiliates.

subsidiary company“Means, with regard to any person (the” parent company “) at any date, any company, limited liability company, partnership, association or other entity including securities or other holdings representing more than 50% of the capital or more than 50% of the ordinary voting rights or, in the case of a partnership, more than 50% of the interests of the general partnership are, on that date, held, controlled or held by the parent company or one or more subsidiaries of the parent company or by the parent company and one or more subsidiaries of the parent company.

Modification and waiver

Subject to certain exceptions, the Indenture may be amended with the consent of the holders of a principal amount of the Notes then outstanding (including consents obtained in connection with a takeover bid or tender offer. an exchange of tickets). Verisign and the Trustee may, without the consent of the Cardholders, amend the Trust Indenture for any of the following purposes:

to prove the succession of another person to Verisign and the assumption by such successor of the liabilities of Verisign under the Indenture and the Notes;

add to Verisign’s covenants for the benefit of Noteholders or waive any right or power conferred on Verisign;

add any additional event of default for the benefit of the holders of the Notes;

add or modify any of the provisions of the indenture as necessary to allow or facilitate the issuance of bearer notes, registerable or non-registerable as to principal, with or without interest coupons, or to permit or facilitate the issuance of tickets in uncertified form;

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