Nathan Vanags and his team gave this kitchen a clean, modern design with bold accents. (TCHAD BAUMER PHOTOGRAPHY)

There’s a reason interior designer Nathan Vanags of Nathan Vanags Design and his team use the term ‘cosmopolitan’ to describe their latest project in Winter Park: it perfectly sums up the company’s design approach. ‘Orlando to renovate 7,000 square foot home within walking distance of Park Street. Built in 1993, the original was modeled after a French chateau with traditional architecture and details. The current owners wanted to keep the essence of the residence while giving it a fresh, modern touch – just look at how the design team reinvented the kitchen. “It was a relaxed but elegant approach to a large gathering place,” says Vanags.

Discreet style

The kitchen, dining area and family room are all located in the right wing of the first floor with a view of the pool. “Since the kitchen was part of the heart of the media room where the family is located, we tried to create an aesthetically minimalist space. We wanted it to be subtle and not feel like you were in the middle of the house, ”says Vanags.

For the elegant waterfall island and the book effect on the walls, he used a porcelain ceramic slab with the look of Calacatta marble for a surface that is both chic and durable. Vanags accented the island with blue velvet chairs to add vibrancy and bring a splash of the pool theme to the interior.

The past meets the present

Where possible, Vanags has added nods to the house’s history in the design. Take the matte gold faucets: “It was one way to bring in a tone that I thought could have been used in the original house,” he explains. He also breathed new life into hardwood floors by refinishing them with a charcoal stain. “We took the moments in the house that had a lot of architectural detail and tried to keep and preserve them,” says Vanags. Light fixtures were another way of working with the original design, in this case the low ceilings that prevailed in the 1990s. Geometric chandeliers were specifically chosen to create a ladder to accentuate how dramatic the house really is, says. he.

The family

“The woman is Italian and she loves to make pasta,” Vanags explains. “Because the family loves to cook a lot, the focal point in terms of appliances is the Viking stove with 10 burners – it can handle a large dinner party. A wine cellar has replaced a coffee bar for breakfast and an alcove has been created where family and friends can gather for meals.

“We really wanted to take this formal home and make it more livable for a family with three children,” says Vanags. “We made it accessible not only for cooking, but also for eating and gathering.”