These days, it seems like all you hear about is negative news.

Well, here’s some legitimate good news.

Progress on the University of Stockton campus expansion project in Atlantic City is progressing very well.

We can now provide you with a preview of the first images (photo gallery below) and a detailed project status update.

The team behind the project is:

AC Devco is the developer, president Chris Paladino and general contractor is Joe Jingoli.

Everyone agrees that they are doing a great job. Their attention to every detail is a master class.

To date, Stockton University has invested over $270 million in Atlantic City. The commitment is massive and this financial investment in Atlantic City was confirmed in our previous coverage by Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President and CEO of the University of Stockton.

We have exclusively confirmed that over the past few weeks the installation of the precast panels which incorporate both the structural steel components, as well as the metal studs and exterior walls have been completed.

From there, metal decking will be installed at each level before proceeding with the construction of the next floor.

The construction schedule foresees that the installation will continue until the end of June-beginning of July 2022.

When this step is completed, the building will be considered complete.

In addition to this, the University of Stockton will have much more complete interior framing, as well as the structure of the building itself.

The Stockton development team is very aware of the difficult supply chain issues America is currently facing.

For example, they have terracotta materials shipped from Germany in advance, so all necessary materials will be available long before installation begins.

They are closely monitoring the availability of all other materials and have pre-ordered many components including information technology switches and routers, door hardware and other aspects of the interior construction.

The University of Stockton development teams are also working on the furniture pricing and selection process a full 9 months ahead of what was industry standard… to avoid any delays in the availability of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

They also work with the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority regarding any water connectivity issues.

Here are some exclusive images we’ve obtained, which give you a really good look at the current progress to date.


Photo by Chris Paladino.

Photo AC Devco.

Photo by Chris Paladino.

Photo AC Devco.

Photo by Chris Paladino.

Photo AC Devco.

Photo by Chris Paladino.

Photo AC Devco.

Photo by Chris Paladino.

Photo AC Devco.

The University of Stockton is well on its way to making Atlantic City a college town.

As Stockton continues to responsibly and efficiently expand its footprint in Atlantic City… the entire city, as well as all residents and visitors, also directly benefit.

SOURCES: AC Devco and Chris Paladino.

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