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Vontaze Burfict just wanted pizza in Las Vegas this weekend. Well, not only some Pizza. This secret pizza is located in a hidden corner of the Vegas Cosmopolitan.

Vontaze Burfict
Former Cincinnati Bengal Vontaze Burfict, seen here hitting Kansas City full-back Anthony Sherman three years ago, faces battery charges after police arrested him in Las Vegas on Saturday. He allegedly beat a security guard at the Cosmopolitan. (Image: Getty Images)

The former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, who has earned a reputation and several suspensions for field hits, was arrested Saturday morning at the Cosmopolitan. According to TMZ, Burfict and his group searched for a pizza place. Although they failed their research, they accused casino security of following them.

Jokes were exchanged and the guards claimed that Burfict hit one of them. Hope it wasn’t like the blow he dealt to Antonio Brown almost five years ago.

Las Vegas Metro Police arrived and arrested Burfict. He is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge.

Burfict signed with the Bengals as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He played seven seasons for them until 2018. He signed with the Oakland Raiders last year but suffered a 12-game suspension for another helmet-to-helmet shot. According to SBNation, Burfict was fined more than $ 4.5 million during his playing career.

He didn’t hook up with the Raiders after they moved to Sin City. The 30-year-old is an unsigned free agent.

What is the secret pizza ??

So, about this pizzeria. The Cosmopolitan has a joint called Secret Pizza. He’s hidden somewhere on the third floor of the hotel. It’s so secret, it’s not even mentioned on Cosmopolitan’s website, and there’s no signage pointing to the entrance.

Supposedly, it’s easier to go to Hogwarts than here.

It’s like a underground pizza bar – a hidden restaurant located in an unmarked spot on the Cosmo property ”, TMZ reported.

Apparently, Secret Pizza is a place you love or hate. There is no middle ground.

Increased cosmopolitan security in recent weeks

As a wave of violent activity erupted across the Las Vegas Strip, The cosmopolitan like other casinos, has taken additional measures in recent months to strengthen security.

Some of the measures currently in place at the resort include restricting entry on Friday and Saturday evenings to people who have booked a hotel or restaurant, or who belong to the casino’s rewards program.

The casino also stations Las Vegas police officers at major entry points. Plus, he checks guests and their bags before they can enter.

And The Cosmopolitan has had its fair share of controversies with celebrities and minority athletes. Last year, rapper Meek Mill claimed the resort reached “extreme racist levels” after refusing him to attend another rapper’s concert there. The casino then apologized via social media.

Nevada games officials arrested former NBA star Charles Oakley at the Cosmopolitan two and a half years ago, initially accusing him of trying to cheat. He eventually pleaded guilty to a less serious charge of disorderly conduct and paid a fine of $ 1,000.

Former teammate busted last year at Indiana casino

Burfict is not the only former Bengal accused of a crash in a casino.

Last year, Burfict’s ex-teammate Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones was arrested at the Rising Star Casino just outside Cincinnati. In the incident, he was confronted with Indiana Gaming Commission officials, who were alerted that a player may be cheating at a table game. He allegedly threatened to kill an IGC official.

Jones ultimately pleaded guilty to less serious charges. A judge sentenced him to two weeks in the local jail.

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