EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Duchy of Cornwall estate paid £63,000 to Prince Charles’ sister-in-law

Good times for Annabel Elliot, interior designer sister to the Duchess of Cornwall.

One client she can always count on is her brother-in-law, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles is married to Annabel Elliot’s sister, Camilla

His Duchy of Cornwall estate paid him £32,920 in ‘fees and commissions’ plus £30,373 for ‘furniture, furnishings and retail stock’ last year, according to his official report.

The heat wave is noticed by HM. During a visit to a hospice, she got rid of three of her essentials for the day – hat, coat and gloves. Almost unprecedented.

With her hip TV show Challenge Anneka set to return, Miss Rice, 63, recalls how she bought huge volumes of condoms while working on a previous program Treasure Hunt.

The presenter, pictured, explains: ‘We needed a lot because at any moment I could jump off a cliff into the sea so I had to wrap the mic in layers and layers of condoms.

I wonder if the story would be judged true or false if told on the often funny TV Would I lie to you?

Dame Maureen Lipman is angered by snobbish comments about her current role on Coronation Street, telling Reader’s Digest: “When taxi drivers ask me what I’m doing and I tell them I’m on Coronation Street, they tend to saying, ‘Ah, something’s going to happen. I never watch it’, and I mumble, ‘Well, I never drive a cab.’ Must not be so touchy, Maureen.

Cooking expert Delia Smith remembers being commissioned by a photographer to make a “showy cake”. She used purple frosting and red cherries, with the result being “as garish as it gets.” When she delivered it to the studio, she discovered it would be photographed for the cover of the classic 1969 Rolling Stones LP, Let It Bleed.

When asked if he regrets not swapping his strong Northern accent for Received Pronunciation or a regionally neutral accent like fellow octogenarian Northerner Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Tom Courtenay replies: “Ian McKellen? I don’t think I want to advertise him, thank you very much! No love lost between lovers?

Broadcaster Andrew Neil says his lawyers have now tracked down ex-Boris Johnson squeeze Jennifer Arcuri, who falsely linked the former Sunday Times editor to the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. “My legal agents were able to serve official documents on Jennifer Arcuri,” he says. “She was locked up at her home in Panama City, Florida, but they staked her. She has two months to serve the defense. Hey ho!

Sasha Swire, wife of Tory, newspaper editor, comments on the battle for leadership: “I’ve been in five of these Hunger Games style contests now and they all follow a similar pattern, each throwing out unsubstantiated accusations and innuendos on the other… ‘Tax fraud!’ ‘Traitor Serpent!’ “Boris in a dress!” ‘C *** cosmic!’ ‘Spad s***ger!’ If only it had been so interesting.


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