Electric and electrified vehicles are the buzz right now, especially with the unveiling of new electric pickup trucks and the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid Jeep. Now we see what the future of electrified Jeeps could be like. Jeep has announced the winners of the ninth annual Stellantis Drive for Design competition and the artists show real promise in the field of automotive design.

First place winner

The winning design is for a Jeep called Grand Teton. The electric Jeep seems to come with its own reconnaissance drone. The futuristic looking vehicle incorporates the traditional Jeep grille but adds slim headlights and fog lights. The wide, oversized tires seem to be able to withstand off-roading.

The winning artist is Vincent Piaskowski, a 12th leveler from Michigan. Piaskowski has already entered the design competition and won the second place prize last year. Piaskowski shows incredible determination. He competed and won third place two years ago.

“What’s exciting about this competition now is that we are seeing alumni participating, but with notable improvements over previous years,” said Mark Trostle, Ram Truck Exterior Design Manager and Mopar for Stellantis. “Students dig deep and focus their attention not only on the details, but also on the thought process of automotive design. It is encouraging and exciting to see young artists taking this competition seriously.

The students had ten weeks to design a future electrified Jeep for the competition. Trostle founded the competition in 2013 to encourage students to pursue automotive design. The competition is open to students from across the country. Submissions are reviewed and evaluated by members of the Stellantis North America design team.

Second place winning design

The second place winning design is for a vehicle called Crazy Horse. Designed by Rocco Morales, a 10th grader from Michigan, this electric Jeep features massive tires and incorporates glass on the underside of the vehicle. Morales has a fascinating suggestion with his design, that the batteries should be able to move around the Jeep’s lower frame to balance the vehicle. The Morales Jeep also has a windshield that can be opened.

Third place winner of Drive for Design

Third place winning design

The third-place design came from Alex Wang, a 12th grader from California. His electric Jeep is called the Adversary and shows a pickup-type vehicle that may also have a removable solar cell cap. The sketch indicates that solar cell technology would be used throughout the vehicle. It also shows a portable LED light built into the back panel. The tent storage would be integrated into the vehicle which includes the tagline: Go Anywhere, Do Anything.

Trostle does not say if any of the winning designs or ideas will be used in future Jeeps.
“Since the start of the competition, we have been able to help young artists establish a career path in automotive design,” said Trostle. “We have hired past candidates as summer interns and today one of our past winners is working in the interior design studio Ram Truck. It’s gratifying for our team to be able to make an impact on someone’s career.

This year’s awards include one-on-one mentoring time with leading designers at Stellantis Design Studios and a scholarship to participate in the College for Creative Studies Virtual Design Summer Program. CCS is known for its incredible automotive design program. The winning designer receives a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 computer. Second and third place winners receive an Apple iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

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