Glenn and Grace Dassoff have loved horses since their childhood. The couple had two horses while living in Southern California, but had to keep them about an hour away. That all changed last summer when they packed their bags and moved with their horses to Montana, where they built their own new stable.

The Dassoffs now reside in Livingston, about half an hour east of Bozeman. Grace, a retired teacher, has been involved in horse training and has enjoyed the thrill of competition and riding in shows for the past eight years. Glenn, a corporate litigator, started the sport about two years ago.

“We had a rough idea of ​​what we wanted, but we worked closely with our design team. Luckily everything went well and looking back we wouldn’t change a thing, ”said Glenn. The new barn was designed and built by Morton Buildings, which has a construction center serving the Bozeman area.

But to call the 40 foot by 36 foot split level facility a barn seems like an understatement. More than a simple accommodation and care facility for the horses, the building includes many other amenities including a social room and upstairs guest space, as well as interior and exterior decor elements designed on measure.

The barn has three stalls – two are 12 feet by 14 feet and the other 12 feet by 12 feet. Each booth has a dutch door that opens onto a 20 foot outdoor track. There is also a washing cabin as well as a radiant floor heating system which extends beyond the entrance to the barn.

“It really helps melt snow and ice during the winter,” Grace noted. “Otherwise, there would be four or five feet of snow piled up, blocking the entrance. “

Glenn has a Swedish Warmblood, a Frisian mixed horse named Eragon, and Grace’s horse is Fletch, a German Westphalian. The Dassoffs are both eager to compete in English dressage events. They also designed and built a 70-by-130-foot life-size dressage arena on the property, used for training horses and training for competitions.

Other features of the barn include:

  • A large social room decorated with old barrels, beautiful wardrobes, red leather chairs and a stacked granite wall. “We really enjoy wine and have guests there. It’s a fun and playful piece, ”said Glenn.
  • The second level includes a guest area equipped with a bathroom and a kitchen. It has double doors that open to a panoramic view from the lower level, leading to the social room.
  • A 12 x 20 foot saddlery where the couple store their saddles and bridles. “It’s a really nice space, with burnt cedar wood that has a shiny smoky look,” Grace said. “There is also a staircase that leads to the second level.”

Attractive design cues include wainscoting around the lower third of the barn exterior, and above that, reclaimed wood walls match the Dassoff House. Exterior and interior spotlights provide both functional and aesthetic lighting. The interior finishing work was carried out by the general contractor of Dassoffs.

For the Dassoffs, the new stable is more than just a place to house their horses. It’s also an integral part of their new Montana lifestyle.

“It’s an absolute joy to go out every night and say goodnight to our horses,” said Glenn and Grace. “It’s hard to describe.”

Pictures of the Dassoff barn can be found here. Visit the Morton Buildings website to learn more about its equestrian projects.