Flinders develops new wave energy system

A prototype system for harnessing ocean wave energy designed by Flinders University researchers provides a robust generator made from recycled materials that promises to help meet local small-scale energy needs and pollution problems environmental with additional R&D, according to the university. The “green machine”, designed around a wave-driven triboelectric nanogenerator model (WD-TENG for short), integrates two small generators inside a recyclable tube to generate cost-effective electricity in the water from continuous immersion in the waves. A new study published in the journal Nano energy, by researchers from Flinders University and Beibu Gulf University in China, shows “the potential to provide electricity to remote or rural properties near the coast or on islands”. The next step is to test the design in a water tank system, which incorporates a self-designed wave maker to simulate real-world ocean conditions as much as possible, before the devices are tested on local metropolitan beaches.

Start of construction of the first unit of the network of electric vehicle chargers

Construction began on Tuesday for the first of 24 new electric vehicle chargers in western Queensland. State Transport Minister Mark Bailey said contractor Yurika was on site in Kingaroy to build and commission the first charger of the Phase 3 rollout. “Electric vehicles are finding their way onto the roads Queensland, with over 10,000 now registered,” Bailey said. “Queensland’s Electric Super Highway is currently positioned in 31 locations and is now expanding to 24 more within the state to make getting around with your electric vehicle even easier. The first stop is Kingaroy, soon followed by Longreach, Barcaldine, Blackall, Charleville, Miles and Stanthorpe. The deployment is expected to result in a Super Highway up to 5,400 kilometers in length.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia appoints new Managing Directors

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) has appointed two key members of its management team. Effective July 1, Carrie Che has been appointed as General Manager, Finance and Accounting and Corporate Secretary and Rita Doulkeridis has been appointed as General Manager, Operations. “Both employees have been with the company for several years and have worked their way up which is a testament to their work ethic,” the company said this week.

EnergyAustralia and SEA Electric announce partnership

Energy producer and retailer EnergyAustralia on Wednesday announced a strategic partnership with SEA Electric – covering energy, charging infrastructure and other fleet needs – in a move they say will help accelerate the transition towards clean energy for the nation’s trucking fleets. Jack Kotlyar, head of NextGen at EnergyAustralia (pictured), said it would mean an “end-to-end solution” for electric transport. “When you get your electric truck from SEA Electric, you need a way to charge it,” he explained. “This is where EnergyAustralia can help, by providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure for your depot. Additionally, we can provide expert advice on a range of other aspects which involve unique considerations in the case of e-fleets.” SEA Electric assembles electric trucks in Melbourne. “By understanding a business’s energy needs, now and in the future, EnergyAustralia can provide an appropriate plan that will ensure there is enough energy to power an entire fleet of electric vehicles, with the right charging and power transmission infrastructure in place.

ASSDA Stainless Steel Fabricator Project of the Year Winners Named

The Australian Stainless Steel Development Association named the winners at its 2022 Fabricator Project of the Year award last month. The three winners are Arcus Wire Group in the Architecture, Building and Construction category; Pure piping in food, beverage and pharmaceutical products; and AWMA water control solutions in process industries. “Congratulations to the winners and all other members who participated in the awards program: Fabmetal Specialists, Leviat, Synergy Engineering, Stoddart, AirEng, Fineweld Stainless Steel and Stainless Tanks Australia,” ASSDA said in a statement.

Photo: Joe Di Santo, SEA Electric Sales Director – Australia, right – Jack Kotlyar, EnergyAustralia NextGen Manager (supplied)

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