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It’s hard to meet a traveler who doesn’t have a favorite Airbnb. One memorable rental may be enough to send you into a Superhost dream sequence: Sunday afternoons spent scrolling through reviews over coffee, creating the perfect guest guide, Pinterest board after Pinterest board of interior inspiration . The appeal isn’t lost on Bobby Berk, interior designer and king of aesthetic makeovers on Netflix’s hit series weird eye. The star is making the leap into lodging by listing her own home in Palm Desert, Calif., on Airbnb for lucky guests to experience for two weekends this summer (June 6-7 and June 9-10 June). Even better, those who score both stays will be able to reserve Berk’s house for a special price of $22 per night.

We spent some time talking to Berk about his own Superhost-worthy gear before his hosting gig. “In Palm Desert, it’s all about vacation,” he says. “And I wanted people to instantly feel that way. For me, it was about putting things in this house that I would like to be there on vacation. Read on to find out exactly what these things are.

Inside Berk’s house in Palm Desert, now on Airbnb

Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Choose the right bedding

You could visit a lifetime of Airbnbs and never sleep on the same type of sheets more than once. “One of the first things you notice — and one of the most important things — is the bedding,” Berk says. “We really went out of our way to go for something really luxurious. The kind where you step into it and say to yourself, “That’s good; I love this. I feel like I’m on vacation.’ For her Airbnb home, Berk is a particular fan of the Sweet Blanket from Mexican company Nana Manos Artesanas.

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Soft Blanket by Nana Manos Artesanas

Lean into repetitive artistic themes

Guests in Berk’s space will get a glimpse of his attention to detail, which is especially evident in the art. As you enter the living room, you will be drawn to one wall in particular. “We had these hand-woven pendants made in this small village in Tunisia,” says Berk. “Be repetitive about the things you use – we have something like 15 of these pendants in the living room. As soon as you walk in you’re faced with a truly dramatic design impact. It’s like walking into the lobby of a hotel. Anchor art that has big stage presence with subtly textured decor (like this Cilindro Vase from Glossar Studio) and minimal rug. Berk’s recs? This handmade rug by Colombia-based Tejido Primal , or one of its own designs from the Karastan range of rugs, each is made with recycled water bottles.

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Cilindro Vase by Glossar Studio

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Handmade black and beige rug by Tejido Primal

You can never have enough ice cream

While some Airbnbs overlook the importance of multiple living spaces, Berk’s home was designed for entertaining. When preparing the house, he took special care to consider the needs of a good time when curating the bar spaces. “If I’m here at the pool, do I want to go up the hill for more drinks?” No, I don’t, and I want there to be a bar with fridges,” he says. “And if I’m having a small gathering in the 25-seat alfresco dining area we’ve created, I want there to be another bar right next door.” It might not seem like an obvious convenience, but these are the times when Bobby gets a little giddy. “I’m glad people think, Oh, I wish we had… Oh wait, that’s it. I don’t need to go up to the house to get more drinks because there is a wine fridge and a drinks fridge right here.

The other thing he has in mind? Ice. Especially the JennAir ice machines he’s dotted around the Airbnb rental. “There are never enough ice cubes – you have the main ice maker in the freezer and the fridge in the kitchen and those are usually empty within an hour or two,” he says. “As a host, I don’t want my guests to have to leave to get ice, I want to make sure there are three ice machines on the property that are set up fairly well. And if the ice is out, put to good use one of Bobby’s favorite bar essentials, the marble mezcalero from Atico 35.

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Marble Mezcalero Set by Atico 35

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JennAir 29 lbs. Built-in ice maker