The population is increasing. The houses are getting smaller and smaller. So, people want to design their spaces with limited resources in the best possible way. This is why the demand for interior designers will only increase.

Having a good understanding of colors and textures is key. But as an interior designer, you also need to master technical drawing, use tools to design the space, and market yourself.

This is an exceptional career option if you are innovative by nature, as each project is a different problem. The funny thing is, it’s not just office work – you can travel as part of your job as well.

The best interior design universities in New York are:

  1. The new school
    New York, New York State
    Best Niche Colleges for Design in USA Rank: 33
    Courses offered: AAS, BFA, MFA.
    Student-teacher ratio: 11: 1
    The New School’s NASAD-accredited programs focus on collaborative work for a holistic learning experience. Thus, you have many opportunities to work on group projects and to interact with and learn from students from other study programs. It also gives you an exceptional learning experience, as interior designers often have to work with professionals from other disciplines. This school is a great option if you want to pursue commercial design as it has strong ties to the industry. You can show off your talent at the interior design conference called Aftertaste, and an art and design event called the Parsons Festival held annually.
  2. Rochester Institute of Technology
    Rochester, New York
    Niche Best Colleges for Design Rank (United States): 28
    Courses offered: BFA
    Student-teacher ratio: 15: 1
    RIT’s BFA program is accredited by NASAD. The campus isn’t the busiest, but you can join some clubs and take advantage of the sports facilities to make your stay at RIT fun. You can make the most of the National Portfolio Day initiative to improve your portfolio and get into a great university. The world’s most renowned designers consider the Vignelli Center for Design Studies a remarkable resource for understanding the design process. You can benefit as an RIT student.
  3. Institute of Fashion Technology
    New York, New York State
    Niche Best Colleges for Design Rank (United States): 21
    Courses offered: BFA
    Student-teacher ratio: 21: 1
    Famous for its fashion design programs, FIT also offers a commendable interior design program. The interior design program has approximately 400 students, making it the largest interior design program in New York City. The competitive but stimulating atmosphere of FIT fuels creativity. You will thrive here if you want to go big as an interior designer. During your studies at FIT, you will have many opportunities to learn from the best interior designers. Employers place great importance on such an exhibition, as it is essential to becoming a successful interior designer.
  4. School of Visual Arts
    New York, New York State
    Niche Best Colleges for Design Rank (United States): 14
    Courses offered: BFA
    Student-teacher ratio: 9: 1
    Throughout your time at SVA, you will have plenty of opportunities to design projects and visit design companies to understand the work. So you will start perfecting your craft sooner than most interior design students. You will also have the chance to present the projects you design to internationally renowned interior designers. This is the best exposure you can think of before you start working. The faculty helps you obtain internships that offer real learning experiences. You can get a good job because of the strong relationships at SVA.
  5. Pratt Institute
    Brooklyn, New York State
    Niche Best Colleges for Design Rank (United States): 12
    Courses offered: BFA, MFA.
    Student-teacher ratio: 11: 1
    The Pratt Institute offers NASAD-accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in interior design. You would like to know that usually all graduates find employment within seven months of obtaining their undergraduate and graduate degrees. You can also choose to pursue graduate studies, as all undergraduate students who applied for graduate studies have been accepted into at least one program. You have the opportunity to study interior architecture for one semester at the Danish International School in Copenhagen. Such foreign exposure is highly valued in the industry.
  6. New York School of Interior Design
    New York, New York State
    Niche Best Colleges for Design Rank (United States): 5
    Courses offered: BFA, MFA, MPS.
    Student-teacher ratio: 15: 1
    NYSID is the only school on this list that only offers interior design programs. All of its study programs are accredited by NASAD. The highly knowledgeable faculty and excellent networking opportunities make NYSID a leading interior design university. Impressively, about 98% of NYSID graduates get good jobs within six months of completing their degree programs. You must therefore absolutely apply for admission to NYSID.

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