A team, Opalinski design house, is known to have designed some of the most amazing yachts around the bridge. One design, the Indah mega-yacht, which you may have heard of before. This ship features and an explosive beach bridge that stunned the world.

Now that Florida-based design house is back, albeit with a slightly smaller ship, but no less capable. It has been nicknamed the Embrace and is a yacht design yet to be seen on the waters, but when someone deposits the money for the design, they will receive such a unique craft, they will be invited to all parties, and can -being to throw a few.

Most of the inner workings of this vessel are revealed on the designer‘s website. However, the interior design is ultimately in the hands of the buyer, within the functional parameters of course. To better understand the Embrace, this will help you note that there are two functions the ship can perform.

The first function is to be a powerful machine capable of thrilling speeds. The hull design is frequently seen among high speed boats which can easily reach speeds of 35 knots and above. This is also reflected in the length of the ship. Most boats capable of reaching such high speeds tend to be smaller to provide a higher level of maneuverability, after all, no one wants to run over a multi-million dollar boat.

From the center of the ship, a menacing cockpit that blends in beautifully with the low stern of the ship, not only includes the controls of the Embrace, but also includes an interior lounge and dining area.

The magic of the Embrace really takes place in the back. You will notice that I have chosen my words wisely. As you can see, the beach terrace can almost double or even triple. This is done via the side walls which fold out from the hull.

Most likely installed on a hydraulic system, once you arrive in the cove or bay of your choice, with the push of a button the walls fall down and a terrace suitable for parties, lounging and even dancing is revealed. This area can also be used as a space to dock tenders or other smaller craft.

Modular capacity aside, even if you choose to keep the walls in place, this space includes many perks such as a hot tub or swimming pool, outdoor lounge or alfresco dining area, and of course a bar. After all, what to do once you are a millionaire. Drink, but don’t drive. A hanging awning can also be activated in case shade is needed.

Below the main deck, the Embrace is designed with sleeping cabins, an engine room, and even a tender and toy garage. At the front of the ship, a VIP room is located, followed by a galley, lounge and mid-boat crew quarters. Aft, the owner’s bedroom spans the full width of the ship and includes an en-suite bathroom with bathtub and walk-in closet. The rest of the deck is reserved for the garage and the engine room.

Another cool trick of the ship is accessing the garage. Since size seems to be a bit of an issue here, the rear lounge and pool lift up on a set of hydraulic legs to provide access to your toys. I have yet to find a design that can do something similar.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you owned a ship like this. Imagine the relaxation and the moments you could create. Now go out there and earn some money to buy something like this.