Ashley Tisdale had fans divided over her choice of scenery this week.

On Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, March 29, Tisdale gave a tour of her self-designed new home, which she shares with husband Christopher French and their daughter, Jupiter Iris. During the tour, she showed off one particular feature that caused some controversy on social media: her library.

The former “High School Musical” star showcased a stunning built-in library filled to the brim with various novels. But, it turns out that many of those books were actually recent additions to his house.

“These shelves, I have to be honest, actually didn’t have any books on them a few days ago,” Tisdale said, adding, “I asked my husband to go to a bookstore. I was like, ‘ You must get 400 pounds.’ “

Tisdale added: “Obviously my husband is thinking, ‘We should be collecting books over time and putting them in the shelves. And I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, not when AD comes.'”

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On social media, fans reacted to the actress’ admission, with some blaming her for buying so many books just to display them while others appreciated her honesty surrounding her design decisions.

“I… am speechless”, a Twitter user wrote alongside screenshots from the moment of the video.

Tisdale replied to the original tweet on Wednesday to “clarify this”, in writing“There are some of my books over the years in there, but yeah, 36 shelves with 22 books that I didn’t have and any interior designer would have done the same thing. They do it all the time, I was just honest about it.

The actor’s husband also chimed in on the conversation, defending Tisdale in a response.

“(1) Support local second-hand bookstores when (2) doing photo shoots, and (3) don’t worry if people have opinions on this, because some people will always feel the need to have an opinion on anything, no matter how insignificant, ” French wrote. “We got most of them from @IliadBookshop! The best.”

Tisdale and French’s explanation didn’t stop Twitter users from criticizing the 36-year-old actor.

A user replied to the original tweet, in writing“It’s so sad. It took me a few months to fill my new shelves, all things special and important to me. Not magazine worthy but I like it!

“I can’t even imagine buying books aimlessly”, a person wrote. “I don’t even have any shelves at the moment, but I have boxes upon boxes of books in storage that I really want that would fill this space. And you can fit so many other things in the shelves? Baffled.

A user responded directly to Tisdale criticizing her choice to use books as decor, in writing“To have books on your shelf is to have actually read…the books. They are not a ‘fashion statement’. What are you going to do when your guests ask you discussion questions about their content? and you can’t answer?”

“Here books are used here for the sole purpose of being aesthetic and showing how ‘educated’ someone is,” another Tweeter read. “While books can be decorations for a room, their main purpose is another, which I don’t think Ashley understands, at least from what she said in the video.”

Many Twitter users celebrated Tisdale’s franchise on his AD tour, with author Bolu Babalola in writing” yelling that Ashley Tisdale needed to do a ‘let’s clear this up’ about staging her house for a visit. Something everyone does.

“The way people criticize Ashley Tisdale for…buying books?? another one Tweeter read. “Supporting authors and a bookstore??? Like who cares if she reads them, like I’ve read most of the books I own.

another user wrote, “Are we mad at Ashley Tisdale for supporting bookstores? In this economy?

“Hope Ashley Tisdale buys 400 more books tomorrow just to give people who have nothing better to complain about,” another Tweeter read.

Tisdale showed she had a sense of humor about the thought of the situation, sharing a Tweeter Thursday which read, “Sorry I didn’t read everyone’s tweets, I recently had a lot of new books to go through.”

In other Tweeter, she took a moment to plug in a recent story on Frenshe, her wellness website, about some of her favorite book recommendations. The post even started with a silly sting at herself, reading: “It’s hard to choose from 400 books…”

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