Photo: Isha Shah

Isha Shah


Sameep Padora, Vami Koticha, Aparna Dhareshwar | Bombay

Recent projects: Shantivan in Odisha, an industrial township that fosters a sense of community and equality; Zira Homes in Goa, a modern apartment complex that combines the concept of group housing with the spatial experience of a villa lifestyle.

Future : “We are particularly excited about a hostel in Kota, ZAMA Villas in Goa and an artist residency in Hampi,” says Padora.



Soumya Keshavan | Chennai

Recent projects: The restoration of a century-old colonial bungalow in Coonoor; two Portuguese-style vaddos tucked away in North Goa; and a large colonial-style bungalow in the Nilgiris.

Current obsession: Textiles of diverse origin, such as Mochi Kaam Pichwai, Suzanis from Khujand and Basheer blue carpets from Central Asia.

object of love: “A set of mid-century style couches made by my dad in the 70’s.”



Ambrish Arora, Sidhartha Talwar, Ankur Choksi, Pankhuri Goel, Asha Sairam | New Delhi

Recent projects: A 90-acre eco-conscious residential community at Matial in Uttarakhand; RAAS Chattrasagar, a boutique hotel located on a 150 year old rain dam in Nimaj, Rajasthan.

Future : A visitor center at the Mehrangarh Museum in Jodhpur; a school in Dehradun; a 500-acre off-grid mixed-use development on the outskirts of Jaipur.



Hoof of Khushnu Panthaki, Hoof of Sönke | Ahmedabad

Signature: Led by Khushnu and Sönke Hoof, Studio Sangath, affiliated with consultants Vastu Shilpa of BV Doshi, has sculpted private residences and public buildings rooted in a local cultural context, with clever architectural interventions that stain the spaces with pools of natural light. .

Guest of the Dream Dinner: “Neri Oxman”, says Khushnu Panthaki Hoof. “His ‘biological alchemy’ concepts push the boundaries of conventional design.



Meetu Akali | Goa

Recent projects: A retirement home for a Bollywood director, built around the remains of a 350-year-old Goan-Portuguese house and facing the Chapora River in Goa; a vacation home built around a century-old mango tree on the edge of a rainforest in North Goa.

Wish list : “A collaboration with Canadian designer Elora Hardy, whose work in sustainable architecture using bamboo is truly inspiring.”


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