How many times have you spotted the salon of your dreams on Instagram, before an upward hit brought you back to earth?

If it’s a choice between buying food or buying what must have a rug … well, the practicalities quickly take over.

We have all spent the best part of the year within four walls, and the house has become more and more important.

It’s not just where you lay your head at night. It’s an atmosphere.

That’s probably what your hard-earned money goes for, from a gorgeous bedroom to the ultimate dining kitchen.

But there’s a difference between an Instagram tablet and the real thing – with piles of laundry and your collection of reusable shopping bags just out of sight.

An interior designer is surely reserved for the rich, whose houses can only be admired from afar?

What if there was such a person in the Northeast, with an affordable hourly rate and the determination to work with any budget?

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Dream bedroom goals, created by Robyn Park.

Can you really create a stunning piece, with just £ 75 to spend?

If you know what you’re doing, absolutely.

Walk forward Robyn Park, from the interiors of Robyn Park.

The 34-year-old started her own business two years ago and has built an impressive reputation.

From commissioning a hair salon to setting up private vacation rentals or salons, Robyn is the woman for you.

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Robyn has an eye for detail.

She has already gained a lot of followers on her Instagram page, where she gives the best tips to get the luxury look for less.

You would be forgiven for thinking that an interior designer requires years of study, as well as an apprenticeship that is hard to find.

As Robyn has proven, all you really need is hard work and fabulous attention to detail.

The busy mother turned her back on a dancing career and decided to pursue a totally different dream.

“I was a dance teacher, but after I had my second baby I started having problems with my knee,” said Robyn.

“I’ve been dancing my whole life, so making the decision to walk away was very difficult.

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Robyn traded in the dance for the interior design.

Robyn had been thinking about interiors for a while and had a lot of inspiration.

“My father is an architect and my brother is a carpenter,” she said.

“My mother is also very creative and I decided to do a graduate degree in interior design with the British Academy of Interior Design.”

After graduating, Robyn planned to join another company to gain more experience.

“Settling in alone was never the plan,” she said.

“But I realized there wasn’t much available in the industry here, in the sense that there were only high-end and luxury options.

“I saw an opportunity. Even from a personal point of view, I watched the work of interior designers and saw how amazing it was. But I didn’t have that kind of budget.

It can also be quite intimidating to trust someone, what if you don’t like what they are doing?

“I prefer to work with people whatever their budget, whatever the size of their home and make interior design more accessible.

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Robyn can work with any budget.

“Everyone should have this access instead of feeling intimidated. “

Robyn now has a waiting list for her services and has worked on various projects before.

“I recently completed an Airnbnb here for a repeat customer, who actually lives in Dubai,” she said.

“I start with a mood board and give two designs per piece, with a clickable shopping list.

“I think I was very lucky. Due to Covid, everyone was sitting at home in their living room and wanted to make a change.

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Robyn creates mood boards, with a clickable shopping list.

“Color is very important right now, and people want to invest more in their interior.

There are many models that are environmentally friendly because people are much more aware of what they are buying and how much.

But what does the house of an interior designer look like?

“My own house is very neutral,” Robyn said.

“I never thought I was minimalist, but maybe I am.

“I love the variety that my work brings, one week I’m painting and the next I’m on a mission to buy cushions.

“I love people too and I’m lucky to be busier than ever.”

For more information visit Interiors of Robyn Park on Instagram.