Interior design has become an important topic among people during the time of the global pandemic. Ikuhiro Yamagata, a master interior designer, uses the Japandi design style to decorate the interior space. While people stay inside their homes, they are redesigning their interiors to live the lifestyle they want.

The Japanese interior designer, Ikuhiro Yamagata, helps people to design their home using Japandi design style. Japandi is inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian styles to create a minimalist interior style.

Ikuhiro Yamagata not only has the knowledge to design a home, but he also considers the lifestyle of his clients to give them the desired results. According to him, it is necessary to consider what exactly a customer wants before starting the design process.

Yamagata incorporates the Japandi design style using the fundamentals of its own style to decorate any space according to the client’s lifestyle. What makes Japandi so popular among people is the inclusion of natural elements in its design.

For the first time, Yamagata used Japandi in his own home and he is doing well in spreading it around the world. The Japanese interior designer favors functional aspects over aesthetics to decorate a room.

Japandi involves the use of natural space and bedroom light in the design process. Natural elements such as wood, stone, bamboo, etc. and the primary color palette involving nature are used to allow natural light to diffuse into a room.

Yamagata also uses plants and water in a domestic space to emphasize the elements of love and respect for the Japanese. He never compromises with the quality of the pieces used in his creations. Thus, the Japanese designer always ensures that the designed space stands the test of time.


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