The greatest gift the pandemic has offered, beyond the extreme demand for interior design services, is digital tools to earn more, save more, and create truly nimble and flexible design practices. Here are seven easy ways to leverage digital in design today.

Save money on hiring

Instead of limiting yourself to your local talent market, consider outsourcing online and hiring a freelancer for CAD, renders, Photoshop, construction documents and more. A full-time employee will cost significantly more than an on-demand freelancer.

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Recover time and money in sourcing

Are you used to flipping through countless catalogs, only to be frustrated by discontinued products when you go to place orders? Move your sourcing online. Savvy vendors maintain current product and inventory status online, so you know in an instant that many also allow order customization.

And you can turn your design library into a mini showroom, conference room, or designer think tank.

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Increase your visibility, get found faster, earn more

Do you resist using social media because you think it’s a waste of time? It’s possible, but it’s also an incredibly powerful search engine. In fact, it’s much more likely that someone will see your Instagram profile long before they land on your website. It’s important to have a thoughtful presence in at least 15 posts that defines your brand and invites a potential customer to explore further.

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Earn money while you sleep, almost passive income

Whether you choose to have an e-commerce store or sell piece-by-piece design packages from well-styled boards you share on Pinterest and Instagram, you can earn income by doing the work once and doing it. reselling again and again. Digital makes it all possible.

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Improve your designs to increase your income and accelerate your sales

Adding photorealistic illustrations, aka renderings, to every project will increase the speed at which clients approve designs and improve your presentations. It’s not about you or a team member learning a new skill or investing in high-end software, everything can be easily outsourced.

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Leverage digital tools to save time and money on project management

There is an endless array of digital tools to improve productivity, save time, and secure your digital presence. To generate and maintain a strong pass[1]words (it’s dangerous to use the same for everything) think about Roboform or Lastpass. For day-to-day project management, you’ll want to explore Monday or Asana. For team communication, Slack is a great option, keeping your email for vendors and customers and without team messaging. Endless emails back and forth when trying to schedule clients or contractors are streamlined by schedulers like Calendly, Acuity, and ScheduleOnce. Find your favorite digital tools and streamline your operations.

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Undertake projects all over the world

Digital means you are no longer geographically bound unless you choose to be. You can design from anywhere and hire a team to handle the details on site and at ground level. One of the designers I accompany had the goal of being able to make several international trips a year and work from anywhere. In just two short years together we created the systems, she built the team and she found that freedom. In 2022 alone, she has taken more than eight trips so far and her business is thriving. She found freedom and success in the power of digital design.

This article first appeared in the October 2022 issue of Designers Today as part of Design Voices, featuring Galt.