To Home businessAt the fourth annual Future of Home conference, home industry professionals came together for in-depth conversations about the forces of change shaping the industry, from metaverse and NFTs to sustainability and well-being. be. After the conference, we asked seven participants—Kara Cox, Joy Williams, Christine Kim, Campbell Minister, Neighborhood Erika Hollinshead, Lisa Gilmore and Joshua dies—about their thoughts on the future of the house.

Kara CoxCourtesy of Kara Cox Interiors

In search of a balance

“For me, there were two clear takeaways from the conference. The first was the importance of our mental health and well-being as design professionals working under extremely stressful conditions. The last two years of pandemic demand have changed everything about our process, and the pressure to continue to provide a seamless experience for our customers has taken its toll. We need to refocus on healthy work-life balance and well-being at home in our daily practices as well as in catering to our customers. The second takeaway concerns the rapid changes in technology and how they will create new outlets and opportunities for design in the metaverse and digital spaces. From consumer habits to digital art purchases, technology is pushing our industry towards new ways of thinking about traditional interior design. Where these two topics overlap is that we can continue to find ways to ground ourselves in natural materials and wellness practices as technology continues to push us to new places in alternative physical space. . —Kara Cox, Kara Cox Interiors, Greensboro, NC

7 designer thoughts on the Future of Home conference

Joy Williamsmichelle linneka

power play

“Don’t play small. And if you find yourself doing so, keep improving your craft and skills. The customers you want are there, and they will be pay for your services. I’ve always known that and I’ve been very selective this year with the type of projects I’ll take on, but it’s been beneficial to attend the conference and have that validated. Sean Low was even more adamant about charging what you’re worth. I learned some key phrases from him about defining my process that I plan to implement. —Joy Williams, Joyful Designs Studio, Atlanta

7 designer thoughts on the Future of Home conference

Christine KimRaquel Langworthy

Community connection

“I was struck by the sense of community and meaningful connections at Future of Home. It’s inspiring to be among so much talent and support. I really appreciated the honesty and willingness to listen and learn as we educate each other. I enjoyed talking [on a panel about how to maximize a trip to High Point Market] with Barry Goralnick and Christi Barbourwhich certainly inspired me to make the most of Market this fall. —Christina Kim, Christina Kim Interior Design, Manasquan, New Jersey

7 designer thoughts on the Future of Home conference

Campbell MinisterCourtesy of Minister Campbell Design

Let’s talk technology

“The conference was so refreshing. It taught me to view technology as an asset. I am motivated to use sustainable design in my business and embrace the metaverse. Athena Calderone from EyeSwoon said something that resonated with me: “We are in the realm of emotion.” What a great reminder for helping to improve our designs for our customers. » —Campbell Minister, Campbell Minister Design, Montclair, New Jersey

7 designer thoughts on the Future of Home conference

Neighborhood Erika HollinsheadCourtesy of Erika Ward Interiors

Leadership in shape
“My biggest lesson was learning how to increase my effectiveness at work by being an emotionally fit leader. Additionally, I learned real examples of how I can not only improve my own emotional health, but also foster the growth of my team. So powerful!” —Erika Hollinshead Ward, Erika Ward Interiors, Fayetteville, Georgia

7 designer thoughts on the Future of Home conference

Lisa GilmoreCourtesy of Lisa Gilmore Design

Value proposition

“My mind is still racing from all of the amazing speakers and the interaction at the conference. I think my biggest lesson was to really look at my purpose as a designer and a leader – to focus even more about our customer experience and continue to push the boundaries to set ourselves apart The money mindset and pricing strategy workshop left my brain shaken – in a good way – and I’m completely rethinking our pricing structures. I couldn’t agree more with Sean Low, who asked why our talent is associated with hourly billing and per-square-foot costs. I now see that this is an antiquated way of operating as a design company, and I’m excited to dive into this process, get uncomfortable, and really discover a new way of charging that will work for our business, because that’s what matters. —Lisa Gilmore, Lisa Gilmore Design, St. Petersburg, Florida

7 designer thoughts on the Future of Home conference

Joshua diesCourtesy of Byjoshjames

In this set

“The conference emphasized that community is a beautiful thing and that there is indeed room for all of us here. We all bring something truly unique to the table – every perspective, approach and creation. I also gained new knowledge: we can buy sustainable lighting that is not manufactured, but rather cultured and beautiful. There may be many things that need to change in the way we consume, produce or manufacture to become more environmentally friendly, but tackling them one step at a time will be more digestible and lead to lasting positive impacts. —Joshua Dies, Byjoshjames, New York

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