Forget dilapidated business centers and ordinary gymnasiums. Today’s most fashionable and in-demand apartment amenities aim to provide space for creative expression, create opportunities for social interaction, and relieve tenants of the burden of routine chores. “Rents are skyrocketing and operators are looking for services to justify higher rents,” said Everett Lynn, founder and CEO of Amenify, a tech platform that provides services like car washes and grooming. mobile for multi-family tenants. “It’s interesting, people often think that when rents are high people don’t innovate, but in fact that’s when they need to do more.” Here’s what experts say multifamily are the most popular amenities in apartment buildings right now.

These days, it seems like everyone is a creator, whether it’s a day job, a side hustle, or just for fun. Operators have taken note and are beginning to add specific areas in amenity and coworking spaces for tenants to record podcasts and videos. Ximena Rodriguez, principal and director of interior design at New York-based architecture firm CetraRuddy, said these small private rooms often also have green screens. “They’re not big spaces, but they give people the flexibility and the ability to go home and do a quick video or record something, maybe it’s something they can’t. just as easily at home,” she said. Similar “creator” rooms are also included more in projects that provide a private space for creatives to work on their craft, whether that’s rehearsing with their band or working on a painting. “It’s about that feeling of well-being and doing something that connects people to their creative side,” Rodriguez said. There is even a growing trend of adding spaces for tenants to play esports in a social environment. “Even though they’re playing alone on the computer, they like being together in the same room and people are even coming to watch, it’s starting to show,” she said.

Sports field

After the isolating experience of the pandemic, sports facilities are bigger than ever in multifamily, especially the Pickleball courts. Pickleball, first created in the 1960s, has exploded in popularity since 2020, and apartment developers are jumping on the trend. “Pickleball is the new thing that everyone wants to try to incorporate into buildings,” Rodriguez said. Basketball courts are also very popular right now, no matter how much space a property may have. “It’s still a challenge because of the size, but even if you can only get in on half a court, that’s fine too,” she said. Just in case Pickleball falls out of favor, it’s worth considering adding some flexibility into the design so it can be easily changed into something else.

Take care of an animal

Pet ownership has increased during the pandemic, resulting in a high demand for pet services in apartment communities. With more workers returning to the office, there has also been more demand for walking and pet sitting services. Some luxury buildings now have in-house dog daycare, training services, and even heated dog runs in the colder months. Pet spas and dog enclosures are becoming more common in apartment buildings, and they also provide an added social aspect. “It’s not just people hanging out with their dogs, but a place where people can connect,” Rodriguez said, suggesting developers could add seating that encourages interaction with other pet owners. . “We’re thinking about how you can make it a nice place where you can wait and hang out while your dog plays and talks to someone else.”

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Mobile Services

Anything an operator can do that goes beyond typical building amenities can be a huge selling point for tenants. According to Amenify’s Lynn, mobile and concierge services that can help tenants save time and effort by relieving them of the burden of day-to-day chores are proving popular among tenants. “People want time back, they want experiences and things to be easy and brought,” Lynn said. The most requested services that his company currently offers through its platform are mobile car wash services which even offer an eco-friendly waterless option, and mobile pet grooming services. Other common services offered by apartment building concierge services include things like restaurant and travel accommodation reservations, dry cleaning pickup and delivery, and even yacht rentals.

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health and wellbeing

Health and wellness has been a buzzword for the past couple of years in the multifamily industry, and developers have taken notice. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Not only are health and wellness-focused amenities popular with tenants, they’ve also been proven to drive higher rents, according to a recent study. “Health and wellness has evolved and it’s not just about having a gym anymore,” Rodriguez said. Some of the popular features she sees are private fitness studios, designated spaces where residents can mediate and have therapy sessions, saunas and outdoor green spaces, something that has become “very, very valuable ” in residential buildings. While lawns are a good way for residents to interact and socialize, creating a separate space for solo time, like a Zen garden, can also add value, Rodriguez said.